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Ferguson Legal Defence Fund Smashes Target

A CROWD funding campaign to get legal reps for people detained during disturbances in Ferguson, Missouri, USA has more than doubled it’s target, reaching as high as $57,000 mark after a surge of donations.

The huge boost to the Ferguson Defense Fund on Indiegogo was sparked as rioting broke out over the exoneration of killer cop Darren Wilson by a Grand Jury yesterday.

Viral film stills showed Wilson, who sparked national unrest when he gunned down unarmed black teenager Michael Brown, smiling as he walked free from court.

Violence broke out just hours later as heavily-armed police clashed with protesters who are calling the result a whitewash.
The amount would double the campaign’s original target of $25,000, set last month by Javotti hip-hop label manager Donna Dragotta and firebrand music star Talib Kweli.

In a statement yesterday Dragotta said: “The response to our defense fund is honestly astounding me right now … donations are pouring in.”
In their campaign statement, the pair wrote: “These are young men and women who have put their lives on hold to stand up for all of our freedoms.

“The overly militarised police force in Ferguson has attempted to criminalise them by harassing and throwing them in jail for exercising their right to peaceful protest. They need our help.”

Police made 28 arrests last night during the latest Ferguson riots, which where characterised as “the worst yet” by St Louis County police chief Jon Belmar.

More is expected tonight, and threats have been made by authorities to beef up police forces with more National Guard soldiers — military veterans have called for a campaign of refusal in response.

Rob Ray

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