Book Review: Donald Rooum’s Anarchist Wildcat Comics

February 15th: PM Press, 2016 ISBN: 978-1-62963-127-1 PP: 128 Publisher: PM Press As it should be, Rooum’s playful illustrations dominate this volume.

New guides to a smarter activism

October 31st: Several new guides to help activists be safer, more effective (and just know your stuff) have been released recently, so below is a brief roundup: Squatting (Britain) The Advisory Service for Squatters’ new handbook, brought out over the weekend, which is the first new release since the government made squatting empty residential buildings illegal.

Book Review: Roses and Revolutionists

October 24th: ISBN: 978-1-910170-17-5 Price: £6.99 Pages: 106 Publisher: Five Leaves Books Nominally a work of history, Nigel Todd’s book on the founding, growth and eventual collapse of the Clousden Hill anarchist co-operative feels as though it could be written now with only a few technological twists.

So tell me again how the bus service is going to be run: a review of Inventing the Future

May 4th: By Roger of Radical Think Tank, and Radical Assembly Education group Some time back in the analogue days of the 1980s I was sitting in a room with three other nerdy, design-obsessive anarchists, working out the founding principles of the worker and housing co-op federation Radical Routes.

Rescuing Galbraith from the conventional wisdom

July 10th:   John Kenneth Galbraith’s The Affluent Society is the only modern book on economics to become a best-seller.

Book Spotlight: Abolish Restaurants

June 1st: Author: Originally published:2006 Anyone who has ever worked in the food service industry know that restaurants are, generally, dens of misery.

From The Land of Proudhon

September 25th:   Social revolution is a term associated with anarchism.

From the Land of Proudhon

August 7th: Thom Holterman brings us the first of a regular series of news and book reviews from the French anarchist movement.    I.

First things first…

September 16th: Review taken from Freedom, February 2012 Joe Maguire on a welcome new overview of our age-old aspirations Introductions to anarchism are always going to be hard work.

The War on Terra

September 8th: MUSIC REVIEW by Tom Jennings (taken from Freedom, March 2012) The War on Terra Verbal Terrorists This superb hip-hop set from Newcastle’s finest trumps their accomplished debut Small Axe (reviewed in Freedom, 17th January 2009), which evoked Bob Marley’s David and Goliath metaphor while hinting at humility against the grandiose grains both of rap’s trademark arrogance