Book Review: The Government of No-one

February 5th: “This is a book devoted to ideas, rather than a history …

Review: Mask Off- Masculinity Redefined by JJ Bola

January 18th: Mask Off- Masculinity Redefined By JJ Bola Pluto Press, 2019 ISBN 978-0745338743 JJ Bola’s Mask Off is a text of many faces.

Review: ‘Mix Café: A memoir of Laurieston Hall, 1972-77

December 18th: “We all have breakfast at different times” — E.T.C Dee reviews this new take on a famed housing co-op by one of its founding members.

Review: Skint Estate

December 8th: Women like me: Carraway’s memoir of poverty, motherhood and survival is “the most important book on the impacts of austerity I have ever read”, writes Rowan Tallis Milligan.

Review: Squatting ain’t dead, it just smells funny

December 4th: Vasudevan’s radical history of squatting looks at self-help housing in a half-dozen European and North American locations across the post-war globe, yet can really only manage to sketch out the historical differences and geographical peculiarities between them.

Review: bombthrowing, jailbreaking, copkilling, gunrunning anarchist b*stards

September 5th: A Towering Flame:  The Life & Times of the Elusive Latvian Anarchist Peter the Painter Philip Ruff Breviary Stuff ISBN 978-0-9929466-5-4 (paperback) ISBN 978-0-9929466-8-5 (hardback) Review by George F.

Review: Anarchist Perspectives in Peace and War, 1900-1918

August 6th: Anarcho reviews the first of a series of four books which aim to outline the range and nature of libertarian organisations and views in the twentieth century.

The anarchist reading list: Summer 2019

July 20th: Below is a brief run-down of a selection of books recently or soon to be published in the forthcoming months which we feel may be of interest to anarchists.

Book Review: Good Times In Dystopia

June 20th: Good Times in Dystopia George F Zero Books ISBN: 1789041902 Review by Wil Crisp In this European tour of grass roots anarchism and radical activism George F navigates the peripheries of mainstream society from decaying squats in east London to pastoral protest treehouses in Germany’s ancient Hambach Forest.

Book review: Kropotkin — Reviewing the Classical Anarchist Tradition

June 17th: “Kinna is right that Kropotkin has been misunderstood, that the common perspective of his politics is distinctly at odds with what he actually advocated, and her book helps put the record straight.” by Ruth KinnaEdinburgh University Press, 2016ISBN: 978-1474428378272pp Review by Iain McKay Anarchists from Proudhon onwards have met with misunderstanding and not a little