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Review: Imperial Mud

April 2nd: ISBN: 978-1-78578-715-7by James Boyce248pp£9.99 Broadly we experience the Fens, today, as a handful of historic names and reserves under the curation of outfits like the National Trust.

Review: From Sylhet to Spitalfields: Bengali Squatters in 1970s East London

March 11th: Author: Shabna BegumFrom Sylhet to Spitalfields: Bengali Squatters in 1970s East LondonLawrence WishartISBN: 9781913546748 This book is based around the oral history project that the author carried out about the Bengali squatting movement that happened in the 1970s around Spitalfields/Whitechapel.

Review: Class Struggle Unionism

February 12th: by Joe BurnsHaymarket Books, 2022ISBN: 9781642595840£16.99 In recent years, there have been a fair few books written diagnosing the decline of the union movement and making suggestions for how it can be reversed, most prominently the work of Jane McAlevey.

Review: Colin Ward and the Art of Everyday Anarchy

January 26th: Author: Sophie Scott-BrownColin Ward and the Art of Everyday AnarchyRoutledgeISBN: 9780367569303 In Sophie Scott-Brown’s excellent, well-researched and insightful biography of Colin Ward, one of Britain’s most interesting alternative thinkers of the twentieth century, the reader can find an in-depth analysis of the various stages and evolution of my dad’s work and life.

The Black Book of Pushbacks

January 7th: Freedom re-publishes a special report from in Are You Syrious?

A merry life and a short one: a review of Under the Banner of King Death

December 19th: Author: David LesterUnder the Banner of King DeathBeacon PressISBN: 978-080702398-3 The graphic novel is an art form which has long provided accessible introductions to complex ideas.

Review: Practical Anarchism: A Guide for Everyday Life

November 17th: Author: Scott BransonPractical Anarchism: A Guide for Everyday LifePluto PressISBN: 9780745344928 OMG it’s an anarchist self-help book!

Book Review: A Normal Life

June 9th: M Morrison takes a lengthy look at the autobiography of Vassilis Palaiokostas, better known as the Greek Robin Hood.

This is queer breadtube: 6 youtubers to stuff your void with

May 31st: George F presents a selection of essential queer anarchist creators from Youtube.

Book Review: The Makhnovshchina and Its Aftermath

May 29th: “Black Cat Press have (again) added to what we know about the Makhnovist movement,” the Kate Sharpley Library says in its latest Bulletin.