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Review: Class Struggle Unionism

February 12th: by Joe BurnsHaymarket Books, 2022ISBN: 9781642595840£16.99 In recent years, there have been a fair few books written diagnosing the decline of the union movement and making suggestions for how it can be reversed, most prominently the work of Jane McAlevey.

Review: Colin Ward and the Art of Everyday Anarchy

January 26th: Author: Sophie Scott-BrownColin Ward and the Art of Everyday AnarchyRoutledgeISBN: 9780367569303 In Sophie Scott-Brown’s excellent, well-researched and insightful biography of Colin Ward, one of Britain’s most interesting alternative thinkers of the twentieth century, the reader can find an in-depth analysis of the various stages and evolution of my dad’s work and life.

The Black Book of Pushbacks

January 7th: Freedom re-publishes a special report from in Are You Syrious?

A merry life and a short one: a review of Under the Banner of King Death

December 19th: Author: David LesterUnder the Banner of King DeathBeacon PressISBN: 978-080702398-3 The graphic novel is an art form which has long provided accessible introductions to complex ideas.

Review: Practical Anarchism: A Guide for Everyday Life

November 17th: Author: Scott BransonPractical Anarchism: A Guide for Everyday LifePluto PressISBN: 9780745344928 OMG it’s an anarchist self-help book!

Book Review: A Normal Life

June 9th: M Morrison takes a lengthy look at the autobiography of Vassilis Palaiokostas, better known as the Greek Robin Hood.

This is queer breadtube: 6 youtubers to stuff your void with

May 31st: George F presents a selection of essential queer anarchist creators from Youtube.

Book Review: The Makhnovshchina and Its Aftermath

May 29th: “Black Cat Press have (again) added to what we know about the Makhnovist movement,” the Kate Sharpley Library says in its latest Bulletin.

Manchester’s Persons Unknown Festival blasts back into action

May 19th: Persons Unknown Festival returned after a 3-year break to the same venue it used for it's inauguration back in 2019.

Before Solzhenitsyn: A long review of Berkman and Goldman

May 10th: In this lengthy essay, based in a review of Sasha and Emma, Raymond Solomon looks at the politics, and personal histories of two iconic anarchist figures — and the context in which they led their lives.