Out soon: A Towering Flame: The Life and Times of the Elusive Latvian Anarchist Peter the Painter

May 7th: Breviary Stuff Publications are soon to publish the researches of Phil Ruff which have identified Peter the Painter as the Latvian anarchist Jānis Žāklis (and given details of the rest of his remarkable life).

Killdren: when punk and techno bangs

May 2nd: Killdren Disguise the Limit, 2019 Review by George F.

Review: Radical Housing Journal

April 29th: The Radical Housing Journal is a timely new open-access journal delving into the varied effects of housing developments and offering a refreshing look at the state of radical housing movements, moments, and manifestations worldwide.

Orwell among the anarchists

April 16th: Vernon, Richards George Orwell at Home (and Among the Anarchists): Essays and Photographs, (1998) London: Freedom Press.

Book review: The Power

March 27th: The Power Penguin 2017 ISBN: 9780670919963 Review by E Stolinski ‘The Power’ is nothing less than an instant classic.

Book Review: Workers’ Tales

March 6th: Michael Rosen (ed)Princeton University Press, 2018; 978-0-691175-34-8328pp; £14.99 Reviewed by Jon Klaemint Hofgaard There is a certain harmless air to tales.

Book Review: Rupturing the Dialectic

March 3rd: Harry CleaverAK Press, 2017ISBN: 978- 1-849352-70-3 Review by Anarcho.

Reflections on the Yiddish Anarchist Movement

January 30th: Following the YIVO conference on Yiddish anarchism which took place on January 20th in New York (video here), Raymond S Solomon puts it in context with an earlier work — 1980 documentary Free Voice of Labor.

Long review: The works of Marie Louise Berneri

January 16th: In this long-read review Raymond S Solomon reflects on the life of a key figure at Freedom Press in the 1930s-40s, Marie Louise Berneri, analysing her peers, philosophical and historic setting and impact through two of her works.

Podcast Review: Talking Shop

January 11th: In this first review-roundup, Fingers Malone picks out some of the best podcast listening for anarchists.