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total eclipse in the USA April 2024


April 10th: Peter Gelderloos reflects on the cultural significance of Monday's solar eclipse

Happy Yule Celebration

December 25th:

The Cowardice of European Pacifism

November 25th: The following text was first published by the Belarusian anarchist collective Pramen.

Bosses are circling the wagons against Don’t Pay UK

August 8th: One of the most notable things about Don’t Pay UK and its plan of getting a million people to cancel their direct debits on October 1st, as a way of pressuring for energy price reductions, has been how rapidly the State, companies and now charities have rallied round in panic against it.

Autonomous Winter Shelter opened in former St. Mungo’s hostel

December 7th: We are occupying the former St.

In defence of ‘In defence of Extinction Rebellion’

August 24th: It would be prudent for me to open with the affirmation that this is an ‘opinion piece’.

In defence of Extinction Rebellion

August 12th: “The next popular climate movement can only avoid a slow death if its politics are as red as they are green.”

This is not a call out

August 26th: The following reflection on conflict, care and pain in political organising was submitted on condition of anonymity.

To the MAN: Zero evictions call-out!

March 17th: The mutual aid networks are in a unique position to defend the homes - and the lives - of those facing eviction during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Report On International Women’s Day, London

March 10th: London, March 8th: International Women’s Day An estimated 2000 people gathered to reclaim the heart of the city of London as part of the Women’s Strike, collectively assembling to refuse work and join in international solidarity against the current conditions of womanhood.