Pioneers of anarchism: Varlam Cherkezishvili (Tcherkesoff)

July 27th: Lesser-known of two “anarchist princes” exiled to London in the 1890s (the other being Peter Kropotkin), Cherkezishvili (Warlaam Tcherkesoff in the Russian manner) was an influence on British and wider European movements up to the beginning of the First World War.

Pioneers of British anarchism: Alfred Marsh

July 12th: From 1895-1913 Alfred Marsh was editor of Freedom when it was the only anarchist paper to survive the collapse of the movement in Britain at the turn of the century — and without his grit and fortitude there is no doubt that it too would have been shut down along with the likes of the

Pioneers of British anarchism: Edward Carpenter

June 28th: Dublin Pride is tomorrow, and for this Pride season we note the 90th anniversary of the death of Edward Carpenter (1844-1929), a man who in the most repressive of times against homosexuality in Britain was out and proud.

How we invaded Cuba

June 24th: On Friday 12 July 1963, anarchists invaded the Cuban Embassy in London.

Pioneers of British Anarchism: George Barrett

June 13th: To mark the launch of new Freedom Press title Our Masters Are Helpless, we will be publishing a number of historic reprints about historic anarchist figures from our 130-year store of articles, starting with the firebrand himself, George Barrett.

Memorandum of imperialism: 1713, when Europe abandoned the Catalans

May 10th: Half Europe authorized, three centuries ago, to dismantle a crown with more than five centuries of history, in exchange for ending a war for the control of the colonial empire.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn on Anarchists in the Russian Revolution

April 25th: Who were the most dedicated, active, and long-suffering revolutionaries in Czarist Russia?

Diving into our early syndicalist histories

April 20th: It is a standard cliché of Marxist attacks on anarchism to contrast “individualistic” anarchism with “collectivist” syndicalism.

A tribute to David Nicoll (1859-1919)

March 30th: In March 2019 it’s a hundred years since the death of David Nicoll, anarchist speaker, writer, editor, poet and activist.

Images and Mirages of the Paris Commune and the Pétroleuses

March 21st: Today, Paris and other French urban zones see the demonstrations of the gilets jaunes, organised in part through new media.