Carrying the war into Africa? Anarchism, Morocco, and the Spanish Civil War

November 30th: This is Part Two of the text Freedom published last week.

Carrying the war into Africa? Anarchism, Morocco, and the Spanish Civil War

November 23rd: I was approached by Jeff Stein to write up a summary of Abel Paz, La cuestión de Marruecos y la República española so that English-language readers might be made aware of the Spanish anarchist approach to Morocco during the civil war.

History: Bolsheviks shooting anarchists

October 29th: The following is the letter from Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman on the persecution of anarchists under the bolshevik rule in Soviet Russia.

History: the death of Terence MacSwiney

October 25th: The Lord Mayor of Cork died 100 years ago on October 25th 1920 after a 74 day hunger strike. Terence MacSwiney, a Sinn Fein MP and leading member of the Cork IRA Brigade, was arrested by British troops during a raid at Cork City Hall in August 1920.

History: Baltic and Polish anarchism at the end of the 19th century

October 16th: At the beginning of the twentieth century, anarchist anti-State ideals were most widely felt in what were then the western regions of the Russian Empire.

Pioneers of British Anarchism: Rita Milton

July 29th: After the Second World War British anarchism was left in a state of near-collapse, with Rita Milton being one of a very few people who kept the philosophy alive.

What a Japanese Anarchist taught me about British politics

July 13th: At the start of the 20th Century, Japan was in a state of technological, cultural and political acceleration.

An illustrated history of the birth of the Metropolitan Police

June 4th: The brutal murder of George Floyd has once again forced police violence and racism into the public spotlight.

Interview: Simon Hannah on the fight to stop the poll tax

April 6th: Author Simon Hannah spoke to Freedom Press about his new book Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay: the fight to stop the poll tax which is published by Pluto Press.

Anarchy in Albion: Building utopia in the heart of Yorkshire

March 21st: I often seek solace at the Brotherhood Church.