Book Extract: The Battle of Ham Run and Bloody Sunday, 1887

October 2nd: 130 years ago, the unions were starting their long ascent into what would become the militant highs of the Great Unrest.

Towards a timeline of anarchism in Britain

May 25th: In his 1978 book Slow Burning Fuse, which Freedom republished in 2014 and will be reprinting at this year’s London Anarchist Bookfair with full index, historian John Quail put together a unique timeline covering the period 1880-1930, picking out some of the key moments in the history of the British anarchist movement.

History biography: Helen Blackburn

April 25th: Pauline Murphy writes on the pioneering Suffragette author who helped found the Women’s Employment Defence League.

Anarchist Haringey: Brief radical history of a London borough

April 22nd: I guess Tottenham is most known for its riots in 1985 and 2011.

Anarchism and the bookshop trade

April 2nd: Other than the London Anarchist Bookfair and a few smaller regional book fairs — Bristol, Manchester, Sheffield for example — there are few places where anarchist books are seen.

Democracy and the NHS

March 20th: The mythology regarding the 1945-51 Labour governments dies hard on the left, particularly in the era of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour which often sees itself taking up the mantle of an older, less compromised, form of state socialism.

Double book analysis: Peter Davison on George Orwell

February 16th: In this review and analysis piece, Raymond S.

Book interview: Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist

January 27th: An annotated edition of Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist has just been published by AK Press.

Crimethinc: A History of Anarchist Counter-Inaugural Protest

January 20th: Thousands of protesters will stream into the streets of Washington, DC on January 20 to oppose the incoming presidency of Donald Trump.

freedom mark

Sowing seeds of hope

December 4th: In this article written for the new issue of Peace News, peace activist Andrea Needham reflects on her experiences on the road this year talking to peace activists about Seeds of Hope, the group she was part of which in 1996 broke onto a military base and destroyed a Hawk Jet to stop it from being