Gallery: The 1979 Women’s March

December 30th: The gallery below consists of a set of slowly disintegrating photos of a huge abortion rights march which took place in 1979, rescued from the Freedom Press archive.

1958: The Season of Goodwill

December 23rd: Ahead of Christmas, we reproduce the following historic seasonal Freedom article from nearly 60 years ago, comprised of a selection of small festive vignettes by Philip Sansom.

Practices of Self-Organisation in 1980s South Africa

December 17th: In this transcribed talk, Russian academic Daria Zelenova explores the experiences of radical militants in 1980s South Africa and the implications of events from that time for contemporary protest.

Augustus John — an appreciation

December 2nd: WHEN AUGUSTUS JOHN DIED at the age of 83 on October 31st 1961, the newspapers were full of such adjectives as “boisterous, blustering, brilliant” (Daily Herald) and “robust, swashbuckling, romantic” (The Times).

A year through anarchist eyes: 1950

November 16th: Rob Ray takes a unique run through the pages of Freedom in 1950, a time when anarchism was in a pretty dire state, but was starting to gain traction via a focus fighting issues such as capital punishment, nuclear weapons and militarism, which would characterise some of anarchism’s biggest campaigns later in the decade.

Industrial decentralisation and workers’ control

November 8th: This piece by Colin Ward is the text of a paper read to the anti-war Committee of 100 seminar at Kensington Central Library on November 20th, 1961.

1936: Eye-Witnesses to Revolutionary loyalist Spain

October 22nd: As Catalonia continues to simmer, Raymond S.

Book Extract: The Battle of Ham Run and Bloody Sunday, 1887

October 2nd: 130 years ago, the unions were starting their long ascent into what would become the militant highs of the Great Unrest.

Towards a timeline of anarchism in Britain

May 25th: In his 1978 book Slow Burning Fuse, which Freedom republished in 2014 and will be reprinting at this year’s London Anarchist Bookfair with full index, historian John Quail put together a unique timeline covering the period 1880-1930, picking out some of the key moments in the history of the British anarchist movement.

History biography: Helen Blackburn

April 25th: Pauline Murphy writes on the pioneering Suffragette author who helped found the Women’s Employment Defence League.