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Freedom pre-election panel: Live on YouTube, 13th June, 7pm

June 12th: Join us for a discussion of the snap spectacle, and the threats contained in both main party manifestos

Introducing our new AI columnist: AnarchyGPT

April 1st: After many iterations, tireless tweaking of prompts, and splicing with our own home-grown algorithm, we are glad to present our new AI columnist.

Anarchist Bookfair today

September 17th: Antiuniversity X Anarchist Bookfair in London 2022 Friends, comrades and co-conspirators, welcome to the 2022 Anarchist Bookfair in London.

Exclusive: The Met spychief who infiltrated Freedom Press

March 24th: After an investigation tracking his articles through the paper and talking to old comrades, Freedom can today reveal at least some of the story of former spycop Roger Pearce as he used our paper to worm his way into Northern Ireland.

Merry Christmas!

December 25th: Thanks for a year in which Freedom saw a fantastic amount of support where amid all the upheaval and change, anarchists fought hard on issues from homelessness and prisons to housing and the environment.

At the anarchist bookfair: Freedom’s new site, books, journal and archive!

October 27th: Many regular Freedom readers will be aware that the last few years have been tumultuous at the Press, with the near-catastrophic fire in 2013, closing the paper as a regular production in 2014, the reorganising of our publishing enterprise in 2015, a survey in 2016 which suggested we would need to raise a whopping £40,000

New Freedom Freesheet out now!

May 21st: The latest freedom freesheet is out now and will be distributed around the country in the next week.

Whose University? Police brutality used during a peaceful protest at Warwick Uni.

December 5th: On Wednesday 3rd December, students making up the contingent of Warwick For Free Education (@warwickfreeed) amassed a crowd of 30-40 students outside of the Arts Centre as a means of rallying for the abolition of tuition fees, education cuts and student debt in order to compel more students to attend the regional demo on Saturday

Launch Party! Friday 25th July, 7pm!

July 21st: That’s right folks, Freedom News will be having a launch party this Friday!

Freedom issue number 1, January/February 2014

March 4th: Number 1, January/February 2014 issue of Freedom The first issue of 2014 is now out and available either directly from Freedom Bookshop or from other good radical bookshops or social centres.