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Editorial: British anarchism in 2016

December 29th: It’s hard to know where to start when writing an editorial about 2016.

The current crisis and the rise of the Corbyn dogma

July 4th: A few days ago Freedom published an article called, “The End of Dogma #keepcorbyn as a Transitional Demand.”

Do you have to give the cops your Name and Address?

November 8th: CORONAVIRUS UPDATE 07/11/20: Under emergency powers, there is still no general obligation for you to give name, address or personal details to police officers that stop you in the street (unless you are driving a vehicle, in which case see below).


March 25th:  Tim Forster on the use of “God” to create false concepts of community cohesion   Over the last few years we’ve had a Royal Wedding, the Queen’s Jubilee and this year we’re remembering 100 years since the start of WWI.


March 4th:  Gyorgy Furiosa visits Hampstead’s infamous Bishops Avenue…