Mutual Aid: It’s a class sabotage!

May 5th: When I first saw this article from Freedom News about Labour sabotage of Mutual Aid groups I literally screamed “who from our group leaked this!”.

Greek PM, Rouvikonas, and the escalating impact of a police brutality incident

May 3rd: It all started last Monday, April 27th, when Giorgos Kalaitzidis, a well-known member of the media-notorious anarchist group Rouvikonas, posted a video that had been sent to him on facebook featuring a police brutality incident against a motorcyclist in the centre of Athens.

Squatters are people: don’t evict them from safety

May 3rd: London, UK In the wake of the global Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic everyone needs protection especially because it is critical to saving lives.

This pandemic is political, stop pretending it isn’t

May 1st: So, on day #38.5 of the quarantine, a lot of our only recourse for having fun is now arguing with people on social media.

Humans are not the virus: why ecofascism is bad for you

April 30th: From economic to environmental panic and finally the current pandemic, it seems like this century will be remembered as the age of global crises.

Remember on International Workers Memorial Day but also organise for a new economy

April 28th: Today is International Workers Memorial Day, a time to think about workers that have been killed by capitalism.

Food, poverty, mutual aid: Reflections from Birmingham solidarity kitchen

April 27th: According to a recent report by The Food Foundation, 1.5 million people have reported going an entire day without food due to poverty during the coronavirus crisis.

Means Testing in the Time of Corona

April 26th: An open letter to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and the Senior Coroner for Inner North London, from Joe Reynolds.

The fragility of the system

April 24th: The Covid-19 pandemic has sparked widespread economic difficulty and societal issues, forcing States across the globe to act in accordance.

Anarchist farm: a revolutionary feast

April 17th: Food — or the potential lack of it — has played on a lot of people’s minds lately.