PeaceTech: World peace through … corporate training?

December 27th: In another age, an industry-leading company joining up with the US government to identify and co-opt startups in foreign nations might have been regarded as dodgy.

National Action’s fate – Nazi ideology, Anti-fascism and the State

December 16th: This article by Mark Hayes examines the emergence of a relatively new (and short-lived) Nazi organisation in Britain – National Action (NA).

You Cannot Burn Us All: the Issue of Communal Housing Privatisation in Poland

December 13th: Privatisation has many faces.

Reflections on Anarchist Organising

December 12th: In his latest column, Jon Bigger reflects on grassroots anarchist organising.

Are Amazon digging a hole for themselves at Tilbury?

December 10th: Since the Amazon distribution facility opened in Tilbury at the start of October, over 600 workers have either quit because the working conditions are so bad or they’ve been sacked for failing to meet onerous productivity targets.

Greek Floods and Gentrification

November 30th: In November, flash floods caused by heavy overnight rain have killed at least 23 people and caused significant destruction in central Greece.

It was bosses who killed journalism, not the internet

November 25th: A journalist reflects on their experiences over the last two decades of working in local news, arguing that bosses’ monopolistic mismanagement drove the regional papers into the dirt and it’s long past time they stopped blaming others for their failings.

Transgender Day of Remembrance

November 20th: The Transgender Day of Remembrance, held annually since November 20, 1999, is a day of remembrance to commemorate the world’s average of about 300 trans people killed each year due to anti- trans hatred and violence.

New Law Makes Refusal to Disclose Nationality an Offence

November 19th: Since 13th November, courts have been ordered under section 162 of the Policing and Crime Act 2017 to ascertain defendants’ personal details, including nationality, when they attend at the start of a case.  The new law can be seen as yet another measure introduced by the Tory government to make the lives of migrants in

Imagine all our rulers, at each others’ throats

November 11th: Jon Bigger looks at the fault lines which have been opening in the ruling classes’ united front, and has a suggestion to help them with their woes…