The ‘anti-imperialism’ of idiots

April 16th: This text was written by Leila Al Shami: a British Syrian whose been  involved in human rights and social justice struggles in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East since 2000.

Manchester: A reality check for Corbynism

April 8th: Cuddly Jeremy’s fight to turn the Labour Party into a red blooded socialist party has some way to go, if Manchester is anything to go by.

On the inhumanity and alienation of professional detachment

April 4th: A Plan C member writes about their experiences as a domestic violence worker, and the alienation a culture of “professionalism” and State provision engenders.

Working class kids and the professional brick wall

March 28th: Holly-Rae Smith writes on the barriers, structural and social, which she had to get past to get professional third-sector work, stressing the importance of working-class mentors — and a paid internship from Campaign Against The Arms Trade.

Spycops Inquiry: An ugly picture has emerged

March 25th: Freedom’s recently uncovered links to the scandal of Metropolitan Police officers infiltrating and manipulating peaceful radical groups are just part of a series of major revelations and events swirling around the Undercover Policing Inquiry over the last week.

Black Friday protests in Poland take over the streets

March 24th: Yesterday saw one of the largest protests in Polish contemporary history.

Learning from our travels

March 21st: I love being an anarchist.

Loughborough Students Risk Disciplinary Action on Fossil Fuel Campaign

March 6th: At the start of the academic year something unusual happened at Loughborough University.

Seeds Beneath the Snow: Thoughts on local organising

March 5th: Anarchist activists in Essex look at the role and opportunities of local radical organising outside of the Big City, and attempt to offer a manifesto on everyday revolution building a new world in the shell of the old burbs.

Greece: Free Transportation For All: A paradigmatic anarchist campaign in the difficult years of Syriza

February 23rd: In early 2016 in Athens, a far-reaching campaign begun with a fairly modest announcement: “Free Transportation for All”.