Communism: A short guide for confused journalists

July 25th: Following Ash Sarkar’s recent “I’m literally a communist” moment on Good Morning Britain, there’s been a lot of fairly messy attempts by media names to explain what communism is — hopefully the following will help them out (apologies for the elderly Drake meme).

Get TERFs out of Feminism

July 23rd: The London Pride parade was derailed this year by a transphobic group of women who broke into it and despite not having parade passes were then allowed to lead.

Edinburgh Bookfair: ‘Vibrant, engaged, queer, feminist’

July 22nd: In this short reaction piece, a collective member from radical retailer Lighthouse Books comments on the hugely positive takeaways from yesterday’s inaugural Edinburgh Anarchist Feminist Bookfair.

Fuck Assad, fuck his Western lackeys: An anarchist statement on Eva Bartlett

July 10th: Tomorrow Eva Bartlett, a self-appointed “independent journalist” who fancies herself an expert on Middle East will be speaking in London.

Can anarchists give Trump the welcome he deserves?

July 4th: Ever since Trump became President of the USA there’s been the prospect of him visiting the UK and the chance for direct action.

Why we fight the TERF war

July 3rd: The past year has seen a reprehensible mobilization of Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists – known (much to their outrage) as TERFs – people who deny that trans women are women and use this ideological position as a basis to incite violence and repression against the trans community.

The 2017 General Election – One Year On

June 16th: Jon Bigger looks over the stumbling Parliamentary scene as Theresa May struggles with Brexit and Ireland.

Fresh Bread in Jordan

June 15th: Here we share the reflections of a Jordanian anarchist on the ongoing popular mobilizations that have gripped Jordan beginning on May 30, 2018, as a response to tax-reform measures proposed by the State in accordance with International Monetary Fund (IMF) demands.

Obituary: Legal Defence And Monitoring Group

June 7th: Sadly the Legal Defence and Monitoring Group collective has decided to dissolve.

Now it’s New Zealand’s turn for a referendum on abortion

June 5th: After years of facing criticism over their abortion laws, and years of women being forced to travel to another country to receive medical care, the Irish Government gave into pressure from the Irish people and allowed them a chance to express their opinion, and they overwhelmingly voted to repeal their existing laws and, in the