The great realignment of British politics has begun. Where it ends cannot be foreseen.

April 16th: When I started this column in 2016 the initial idea was to write a traditional politics column but from an anarchist perspective.

Mutual Aid Groups: Five reflections for ‘Activists’ going local for the first time

April 14th: Inspired by Anna Kleist‘s hot takes on an initial few weeks of local mutual aid organising in the UK, I was inspired to throw in a few (slightly longer!) additional reflections, building on some of the points in Anna’s list, and bringing a few more to the surface.

COVID-19 and social reproduction

April 11th: This text first appeared at, a platform publishing comment and critique related to anarchist activism, anarchist academia, and the wider world as viewed through an anarchist lens.

Listen up sanes: the intersection of policing and healthcare is nothing new

April 10th: On March 25th the Coronavirus Act 2020 received Royal Assent and became law.

Calling All Creatives (who are less talented than me)

April 8th: Believe it or not, this actually happened and it actually was the BBC operating this snake-oil wagon, but with less oblique references to cocaine.

Five quick thoughts on the limits of Covid-19 mutual aid groups & how they might be overcome.

April 5th: Three weeks ago, I decided to set up a Facebook group to help people look out for one another in my little corner of south east London.

Don’t believe the hype: evictions continue despite moratorium

April 4th: The ban is a lie.

Dissecting Boris Johnson’s letter to the British people

April 1st: The prime minister is writing a letter to every household in the UK to a cost of £6m, at a time when the National Health Service (NHS) is suffering under the strains of Covid19 cases.

Boris Johnson a ‘libertarian’? What a joke

March 26th: It’s really frustrating when people use anarchist terms and phrases out of context or for their own advantage.

I never want to see the word “COVIDIOT” again

March 24th: A disclaimer first.