“All we have is each other”: Working class solidarity in the face of a Tory future

January 4th: D.

What do we actually need security guards for?

December 29th: David Adam muses on the ways in which commercial security firms frequently cause more problems than they solve, and seem to be present in far greater numbers where working class people exist than in any other walk of life.

13/12: Don’t mourn, organise.

December 13th: As we celebrate our ACAB day, let us disempower, disarm and disband the police and dare to dream of a world without cops.

Five things that could happen to make election night interesting

December 12th: There will be anarchists that avoid the election and anarchists who soak it all up.

Why I went to Germany to shut down coal mining operations in the midst of one of the most important general elections of a generation

December 11th: I have consistently gone to every single Ende Gelände action in Germany.

Fracking Moratorium or Electioneering? December 12th and Brexit May Hold The Key

December 10th: Fracking Moratorium or Electioneering?

“The human cost is actual”: Carl Cattermole on the London Bridge attack

December 6th: I witnessed the attack at London Bridge last Friday.

Review: Squatting ain’t dead, it just smells funny

December 4th: Vasudevan’s radical history of squatting looks at self-help housing in a half-dozen European and North American locations across the post-war globe, yet can really only manage to sketch out the historical differences and geographical peculiarities between them.

No pedlars at our fundraiser: A sketch on charity and exclusion

November 30th: One of the big problems with how institutional charity has replaced human solidarity towards the homeless is that it frequently excludes people actually needing help from the conversation – a phenomenon which was brought home yesterday to Freedom Press author Andrew Fraser.

Tories angered by 130k austerity death claim. How many is it then?

November 23rd: This week the Tory lie machine has been working overdrive.