‘Fighting an alligator in the water’: Reflections on the Kenmure Street ICE resistance

May 17th: Haringey Anti-Raids reflect on the magical scenes in Glasgow and why the work of resisting immigration enforcement needs to begin long before ICE vans slither in to our communities.

Pretty Vaccined! Trust, Dignity and Revolutionary Medicine

May 9th: You know what’s great about Capitalism?

Demanding the impossible: why sleaze in UK politics will never go away

May 3rd: The UK political system is a history of scandal after scandal.

Beneath the hustle, the human

May 1st: Mayday is the workers’ day and thus this is written on a Friday, scheduled via automaton.

Rent Strikes: Organisation and Action

April 23rd: The following text was first published by Leeds Solfed.

Doing our duty by the lawyers

April 19th: Recently we’ve had a bout of whinging on Twittergram about our advice to not use the Duty Solicitor at the police station.

No Fixed Abode Travellers Collective Resisting Anti-Trespass

April 13th: Statement from nfATs ...

Stay at Home! The Violence of Eviction

April 9th: Joe Reynolds’ words and photographs tell a squatter’s tale on the violence of eviction, using ghosts, dogs, legal battles, health problems and chaos to explain a story that cannot be whispered.

In the wake of police violence we must say, abolish the police!

April 4th: Spring is here!

On the necessity of activist legal support in the wake of police repression

March 24th: Like the Black Lives Matter protests of last year, the wave of protests against the Policing Crimes and Sentencing Bill have been met by police repression.