The Class War Newspaper is Back!

February 7th: For this edition of his monthly column Jon Bigger writes on what’s happening with the forthcoming relaunch of notorious anarchist paper Class War and looks over some of the encouraging signs of people getting spiky in recent weeks.

Greece: Anarchists call for solidarity as deaths mount at refugee camps

February 5th: In this statement originally posted to the website of anarcho-syndicalist organisation Rocinante on February 2nd, the Greek group is calling for solidarity with refugees who have been dying at camps on the border with Turkey.

Hamburg G20: Stop them crawling back to the city

January 30th: There is more than one way to resist the industrial capitalist system.

Tories’ Trident cover-up

January 25th: In the last 48 hours it’s emerged that Theresa May has continued the Conservative party tradition of cover-up and lying in relation to nuclear weapons.

Crisis within Crisis, Zimbabwe: As we manufacture our own oppression

January 23rd: In this article originally written for South African anarchist group Zabalaza Anarchist Communist  Front (ZACF), Leroy Maisiri talks about his experience returning to the crisis-beset State.

Protests as Irish Housing Minister betrays squat deal

January 11th: Protests were held across Ireland against Housing Minister Simon Coveney today after he backed out of pledges to provide accommodation for Dublin’s homeless population in exchange for the ending of a popular occupation of Apollo House.

A Radical 2017 – All We Need To Do Is Join In

January 7th: Jon Bigger writes on direct and effective alternatives to the opportunism and whining of the liberal left  Since the Brexit and Trump results one thing that’s been glaringly obvious about any mainstream response is that it amounts to nothing but liberal bedwetting.

Pic: Gary Knight/CC

Reclaim the Power: Cuadrilla’s assumption of victory is sheer arrogance

January 6th: Among the many attempted fracking projects being pushed forward in Britain this year, Preston New Road has been a site of particularly strong resistance.

Turkey: Meydan anarchists — ‘we are being cornered’

January 5th: Late last month the editor of Meydan anarchist newspaper in Istanbul was sentenced to a year and three months in prison for “supporting terror,” the latest in a string of attempts by the Turkish State to shut down dissenting voices against Erdogan’s government.

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Notes from the US

December 18th: Louis Further’s regular roundup column with analysis and news from North America that you might have missed.