Now it’s New Zealand’s turn for a referendum on abortion

June 5th: After years of facing criticism over their abortion laws, and years of women being forced to travel to another country to receive medical care, the Irish Government gave into pressure from the Irish people and allowed them a chance to express their opinion, and they overwhelmingly voted to repeal their existing laws and, in the

The beloved farmer cries out, but no-one hears…

May 27th: As summer comes around it’s time for Britain’s annual “farmers whinging about labour shortages” article harvest.

South Africa: Minimal wages can’t end the suffering when rich abuse poor

May 13th: Bongani Maponyane writes about the introduction this month of South Africa’s new Minimum Wage of R20 p/h (£1.20), and argues that it goes nowhere near far enough.

Britain Not Heading Towards Socialism Anytime Soon

May 10th: Jon Bigger muses on the outcome of the local elections and what it means for the Corbyn project.

Mikhail Bakunin and Karl Marx: Contrasting proposals for approaching socialism

May 5th: This text was submitted by Freedom’s longest-running contributor Donald Rooum.

On Windrush generation and other immigrants: No Borders perspective

April 29th: Public outrage and solidarity to the Windrush generation forced Amber Rudd and Theresa May to apologize.

The misery of Generation Identity Conference

April 22nd: Last weekend fascists from alt- right group Generation Identity held the ‘European Reunion’ conference in London.

The Great Pension Dispute of 2018: How the Bosses and the Union Officials Hoodwinked the Rank and File

April 22nd: In any trade union dispute but particularly in high profile large trade union disputes, the rank and file have two enemies to defeat, one external and one internal.

The ‘anti-imperialism’ of idiots

April 16th: This text was written by Leila Al Shami: a British Syrian whose been  involved in human rights and social justice struggles in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East since 2000.

Manchester: A reality check for Corbynism

April 8th: Cuddly Jeremy’s fight to turn the Labour Party into a red blooded socialist party has some way to go, if Manchester is anything to go by.