Some thoughts on Bristol University disciplinary action against trans student

May 18th: CW: Transphobia The Univeristy of Bristol continue their prolonged harassment of trans student Nic Aaron, deciding to postpone – yet again – disciplinary proceedings that have already stretched on for over a year.

Brexit and Migrant Women: What Does the Future Hold?

May 16th: With Brexit still a very much undecided concept, and a second referendum, no-deal and Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement still very much on the table, it remains an uncertain time for many communities in the UK.

Green and Black Cross: Extinction Rebellion’s legal support is inadequate

May 14th: In a statement released today the longstanding activist court support group is expressing serious concerns about how senior organisers with Extinction Rebellion (XR) are approaching legal observation and policing — and explains why GBC is withdrawing backing for the group.

A world in waiting

March 25th: “…the weakening of the state, the progressive development of its imperfections, is a social necessity.

Tommy Robinson’s rally showed one thing: He doesn’t care about free speech

February 24th: When two thousand people turned out yesterday to support the far-right media personality’s big show against a State/BBC conspiracy to destroy him he talked about his wedding, his campaign against muslims and much more – but actual threats to free speech?

The day I slept in a puddle on Old Compton Street

February 14th: Continuing on from the memories charted in his book Invisible: A Diary of Rough Sleeping in Britain, Andrew Fraser writes a personal note on the lengths people will sometimes go to in tormenting the homeless.

Manchester homeless open letter to Andy Burnham: ‘You’re setting us up to fail’

February 12th: Having very efficiently attacked political squatting in the early days of its tenure in 2017-18, Andy Burnham’s administration is currently in the process of fulfilling his “ending rough sleeping” pledge by potentially banning it in the city centre — and offering unsuitable accommodation.

IWA: Solidarity with Yellow Vests, for a general strike

February 3rd: The anarcho-syndicalist international has published a public call backing a general strike and supporting a statement on the Yellow Vest movement written by its French section, CNT-AIT.

Reflections on the Yiddish Anarchist Movement

January 30th: Following the YIVO conference on Yiddish anarchism which took place on January 20th in New York (video here), Raymond S Solomon puts it in context with an earlier work — 1980 documentary Free Voice of Labor.

Winter Editorial: Persuasive Pessimism

January 10th: It is a truism to say that we live in interesting and scary times.