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[ID: Keir Starmer looking like a plonker]

What’s left to vote for?

May 13th: The local election results are in, the "hold your nose" crowd have helped hand Sir Starmer's Labour a resounding PR win and congratulations, the prize is "Clause IV on Steroids."

Obligatory anti-monarchy rant

May 6th: Making an original observation on the monarchy is kind of like pissing into the wind.

Call to action: We are all comrades of Serge

April 14th: We ask all those in France and around the world who recognise themselves in this struggle to make the week of May 1st an intensive week of actions against the state and capital.

Comatose water defender slandered by media

April 6th: Freedom reproduces a communiqué from water defenders in Sainte Soline, France: Regarding the media slander of Serge and the other injured of Sainte Soline by the police: While our comrade Serge is fighting like a lion to hold onto his life that the state is trying to take away from him, we are witnessing a

Trash guerilla: Bins to block Paris!

March 24th: Freedom reports good praxis from our comrades in Paris, via Paris Luttes: Let’s block Paris with bins!

Russian and Ukrainian activists silenced at Greek MeRA 25 party event

March 10th: Russian activist Artem Temirov writes on what he sees as a concerning trend within the Hellenic left to fall into a knee-jerk “anti-imperialism” that is in fact anything but.

To kell and back: #SayOurNames

February 25th: They provoke a constitutional crisis to try to stop us identifying as who we are.

Recent decision to stop all attacks of Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla

February 24th: Repost from Kurdistan Democratic Communities Union (KCK) of parts of an interview with Duran Kalkan, member of the KCK Executive Council: “The centre of the earthquake and the areas hit by it are the areas where the PKK was founded.

Anarchism is for the contemporary working classes

February 7th: Marxism is not for the contemporary working classes.

Toby Shone from Parc Prison – Declaration of solidarity with Alfredo Cospito

February 1st: In light of Alfredo Cospito having been moved to another prison for medical care, Freedom reproduces Toby Shone‘s declaration of solidarity: “By observing the force of the rainfall, one can know the size of the dragon, and by observing the flourishing of the blossoms, one can know the depths of the pond.”