The stability of the Brexit shambles

October 26th: I wrote on many occasions during the Brexit process that the initial referendum was really an invitation from David Cameron for the British public to become embroiled in a largely internal Tory Party battle.

I got de-escalated by XR and then the police evicted them 

October 22nd: Dear all at XR!

EGX: Major gaming event features army recruitment stall

October 19th: Over this weekend, gamers from across the country are flooding into London to attend EGX 2019: the UK’s largest games industry event.

It is not just a bunch of flowers

October 18th: Why supporting Extinction Rebellion in a spirit of cooperation and friendship has, at times, been extraordinarily difficult.

The Social Centre Bulletin: The Ups and Downs of the Cwtch

October 16th: Eight years ago, near enough to the day, a handful of activists and homeless had some plans.

It’s all right to do nothing

September 24th: Yesterday: after college, (I attend two hours a week), I sat and did nothing.

Activism at the grassroots: Essex

September 22nd: In an age of rampant neoliberalism, society is ever more fractured and polarised.

Why is the Greek state attacking Exarcheia?

September 14th: The Greek state’s long anticipated attack on the rebellious district of Exarcheia began with the eviction of four occupied spaces and a provocative and dangerous attack on the social centre K*Vox.

AF: Back the Earth Strike!

September 4th: In the following statement, the Anarchist Federation calls to mobilise in support of Earth Strike, a global general strike call in support of the climate set for September 20th which has drawn support from hundreds of organisations.

Johnson Prorogues Parliament: A Very British Coup?

September 3rd: Johnson has prorogued parliament, stripping parliamentary oversight at a key moment in order to force through his damaging no-deal Brexit plan.