“To plant our feet firmly”: identity politics and the secular Jew in France

November 22nd: I Often when we were kids my mum reminded me and my brother that we were Jews.

The power of naming: on Trans Day of Remembrance

November 20th: Content note: this article discusses violence against trans people.

When Everywoman is all bush natural

November 15th: I am sure there are feminists, folk who identify as women, folk who love women, historians, experts that are examining the Everywoman statue in detail.

Bye Then Donald. What’s next?

November 7th: Now that Trump has lost the Presidency an enormous tap that poured out horror day in, day out, has been squeezed shut.

Feeding time.

November 7th: A shambling monstrosity crawls down Black Lives Matter Plaza.

Corbyn does not deserve our solidarity

October 31st: When Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the Labour Party, a broad section of leftists saw an opportunity to shift British politics away from neoliberalism.

The right-wing wants terror: statement from Rozbrat squat on the protests in Poland

October 30th: During the Women’s Strike demonstrations taking place this Wednesday across Poland, organized groups of men attacked mostly women protesters in several cities.

Against anarcho-smugness

October 30th: As Corbyn’s suspension from the Labour Party occasions yet another wave of anarcho-smugness, Anna K.

The Complicity of Silence

October 24th: The surreal circus of the arrest of Julian Assange is a show trial for investigative journalism across the world.

Between the Covid spikes, the dark conservatism of Boris Johnson develops

October 22nd: Between the first two spikes of the Covid 19 pandemic, Boris Johnson’s true colours have started to appear.