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Dispute within Max Planck Society over ties to Israel

December 17th: A statement from a collective of academics in solidarity with Palestine from The Max Planck Society:

Fire in the machinery of ATTIKO METRO!

December 11th: The consequences of this project are not only limited to the destruction of any notion of public green space but also extend to the restructuring of the life of entire areas

An open letter to our anarchist, socialist and radical leftist comrades

December 9th: Together, we should fight the forces that want some of us dead and the rest of us meekly agreeing to their tyranny.

Rage against genocide

November 26th: Justice is the only cause, and abolition is the future!

Discrimination poisons everything it touches

November 24th: I wore a slogan against the World Boxing Council in my last match.

Abahlali baseMjondolo in solidarity with Palestine

November 18th: Black people were not seen as human beings in this country under apartheid, and we, as impoverished black people, continue to have our humanity denied.

Fascism advances if not fought: Spanish unions plea

November 13th: CGT released a statement calling on the working class to strengthen their anti-fascist involvement and publicly reject the activities of ultra-right pressure groups:

To Kell and Back: Trans defiance

November 6th: How long have we been telling you that they wouldn't stop with trans and nonbinary people?

By defending the squats, we defend the movement against the rotten world of authority

October 25th: From the ashes of Evros, central Greece and Rhodes to the mud of the valley.

Spain: Comments on the general election

July 29th: With the left and right deadlocked, syndicalist union the CGT notes the far-right is no less of a threat for its failure to enter government and whoever wins, improvements can’t be expected for the working class without direct struggle.