Camps of the Economy and the Freedom in Dying

February 19th: The nefarious Daily Mail back in early May last year described the legitimate concerns of many people, including among its own readership, about a premature return to work as ‘coronophobia’!  This word implies that people’s real fears for their own safety in a life-threatening pandemic which had already caused by that date at least 143,

Movements First, Solutions Later

February 18th: Netpol’s Kevin Blowe argues that Britain’s nascent abolitionist movement needs to focus its energy into long-term grassroots organising, not top-down academic debate.

“Queen’s consent” shows Elizabeth Windsor is just a state-supported mafia boss

February 12th: The Guardian has been running a succession of investigative articles this week into the little known constitutional procedure, Queen’s consent.

True Covid death toll passes 117,000

February 4th: The B.1.1.7 aka 501Y.V1 Kent variant of SARS-CoV-2 has 23 mutations and is at least 70% more transmissible, according to most scientific commentators.  By December 20th, it accounted for 60% of Covid cases in London.

‘Healthy and positive’ communities: Facebook and the restriction of political content

February 3rd: Recently Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that he and his team are working on stopping political content from circulating within the platform in order, as he puts it, to “make sure that the communities that people connect with are healthy and positive” (advancing the technocratic logic of “blissful” life freed from political deliberation).

The current variant of Thatcherism is more deadly than the original

January 28th: In a liberal democracy, it’s hard to imagine a more dangerous prospect than neoliberals running a country during a global pandemic.

A response to fake news

January 26th: We can picture the relationship between freedom of speech and democracy as a beautiful love story.

Get Boris done in

January 16th: This text first appeared in the newly released Class War magazine.

Free speech for presidents

January 12th: Following the short-lived occupation of the US Capitol building, Twitter and a number of other social media platforms have banned US President Donald Trump.

Covid-19 and The Malthus Legacy

November 25th: You meet them everywhere and they can be old or young: “The Covid 19 pandemic is Mother Nature’s way of reducing the population”.