Reflections on the incompetence of the Johnson government

May 27th: Being ideologically opposed to government, or the very least top-down imposed upon us government, we can sometimes just criticise government action on that ideological line.

Johnson, Cummings and the spectacle of scandal

May 24th: We’ve finally gotten to the end of a road which has been decades in the making, in which politicians have slowly realised something that the direct action left has known for a very long time — noise is not a threat.

Beet & Two Veg: Grow Your Own Emancipation

May 22nd: Looking at some of the mainstream vegan publications and some of the more high profile social media superstars, you would be forgiven for thinking that veganism was a trend invented by wealthy white hipsters in the noughties which is all about weight loss, quinoa and Faux Foie Gras.

Individual sociopaths and corporate hypocrites

May 20th: Police are questioning a 57-year-old man accused of spitting on two members of staff at London Victoria train station while shouting that he had the coronavirus.

Herd immunity: a strategy for mass death

May 18th: Swedish authorities have not officially adopted “herd immunity” (which most scientists believe is achieved when more than 60 percent of the population has had the virus!).

Virtual Panopticon: Prison video calls and family support during the pandemic and beyond

May 18th: The following text was kindly contributed to Freedom by Lisa Selby @bluebaglife (follow them on Instagram and Twitter), UK Prison Wives and the UK Prison Support Group.

Discrimination under Covid-19

May 16th: This text was contributed to Freedom by Fanny Syariful Alam: the regional coordinator and program director of Bandung School of Peace Indonesia, a youth organization working to empower youth in the city of Bandung, West Java, to improve tolerance, empathy and collaborative engagement to accomplish peace and social justice.

The gamble with workers’ lives

May 15th: The Government has released new guidelines and new procedures regarding lockdown in recent days.

From dystopia to utopia: some thoughts on the confinement in France

May 12th: I don’t think we’re ever going to get to utopia again by going forward.”

Lessons from COVID-19: How transformative justice and mutual aid can help to address harm in communities

May 12th: This article was originally published on the Transforming Society blog.