The misery of Generation Identity Conference

April 22nd: Last weekend fascists from alt- right group Generation Identity held the ‘European Reunion’ conference in London.

The Great Pension Dispute of 2018: How the Bosses and the Union Officials Hoodwinked the Rank and File

April 22nd: In any trade union dispute but particularly in high profile large trade union disputes, the rank and file have two enemies to defeat, one external and one internal.

Priced out by the law: The precarious position of radical housing co-ops

April 19th: A new housing co-op for low-income activists in Oxford (one of the least affordable cities in the UK) is facing huge difficulties after being asked for an additional £50,000 in stamp duty by the tax authorities, under rules brought in in 2012 and 2014.

The ‘anti-imperialism’ of idiots

April 16th: This text was written by Leila Al Shami: a British Syrian whose been  involved in human rights and social justice struggles in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East since 2000.

Plan C: On the university pensions struggle

April 10th: Elio Di Muccio writes on the encouraging strength of recent strike action and the potential for a more radical attack against the long programme of marketisation which has afflicted higher education.

Manchester: A reality check for Corbynism

April 8th: Cuddly Jeremy’s fight to turn the Labour Party into a red blooded socialist party has some way to go, if Manchester is anything to go by.

On the inhumanity and alienation of professional detachment

April 4th: A Plan C member writes about their experiences as a domestic violence worker, and the alienation a culture of “professionalism” and State provision engenders.

Working class kids and the professional brick wall

March 28th: Holly-Rae Smith writes on the barriers, structural and social, which she had to get past to get professional third-sector work, stressing the importance of working-class mentors — and a paid internship from Campaign Against The Arms Trade.

Spycops Inquiry: An ugly picture has emerged

March 25th: Freedom’s recently uncovered links to the scandal of Metropolitan Police officers infiltrating and manipulating peaceful radical groups are just part of a series of major revelations and events swirling around the Undercover Policing Inquiry over the last week.

Black Friday protests in Poland take over the streets

March 24th: Yesterday saw one of the largest protests in Polish contemporary history.