England’s accountancy of death

August 2nd: Boris Johnson’s agenda of forcing workers to return to unsafe workplaces, urged in speeches characterised by his usual clowning incoherency, has been more thoughtfully if sinisterly promoted by a document published on Wednesday by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR).


July 22nd: 1981, 2017, 2020 In the 39 years since Menelik Shabazz documented the Black People’s Day of Action in the aftermath of the New Cross massacre, in his seminal documentary ‘Blood ah go Run’, what has changed for Black British people?

International Non-Binary People’s Day and the Struggle for Wider Revolution

July 21st: International Non-Binary People’s Day fell on Tuesday 14th July this year, and much like all days and weeks and months for the queer community, social media sites were flooded with colourful illustrations and impactful personal reflections relating to the non-binary experience.

Time for artists’ Mutual Aid?

July 19th: The following is the first text contributed to Freedom’s new Art & Anarchy column.

Your perceptions are wrong

July 17th: “That’s just your perception” is a phrase I heard a lot as a trade union activist.

The bureaucratization of urban space and the need to reclaim our cities

July 15th: City life, from its beginning, was all about uniting people that were not bonded by blood or clan ties.

On defunding and refunding: covid vs. counter-terrorism

July 8th: A history of trading protection for persecution.

‘Independence Day’ – the U.K.’s own Horror Story

July 4th: The so-called “Independence Day” U.K.

Keir Starmer isn’t a sellout.

July 1st: It may be an odd headline for an anarchist to write about a Labour leader, but hear me out.

Urban environment and racial segregation

June 28th: The current protests led by the Black Lives Matter movement in the USA have brought forward worldwide the problem of racism, with a strength and clarity that has made it impossible for most of us to ignore the racial issues that are still present in most countries and communities around the world.