Climate change, displacement and Australia’s punitive immigration system

March 1st: In Australia, deadly fires have been devastating the country since September 2019.

The anti-NGO discourse in Greece and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories

February 11th: These days in Greece an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory has successfully infiltrated the public discourse.

For all the macho posturing, the British establishment is weak and fractured

February 7th: The UK has a bullish prime minister with a strong majority in parliament.

De-TERFing Speaker’s Corner

January 31st: [CW for violence; descriptions of trans misogyny; racism] Over two and a half years have passed since a confrontation at Hyde Park Corner between trans protestors and a group of transphobes.

On solidarity and strategy against Prevent

January 20th: The UK counter-terrorism police recently released an official 12-page guide to “Safeguarding young people and adults from ideological extremism”.

Class Traitors

January 16th: Since I published Chav Solidarity, plenty of people have either asked me what I think constitutes middle class, or suggested that, in targeting middle class activists so much, I am being divisive.

100 Days of Freedom: A new year’s message from Sarah Jane Baker

January 15th: Last week, Sarah Jane Baker celebrated her 100th day as a free woman, having served 30 years in men’s prisons.

Under Johnson the dark forces of conservatism are coming and we must be prepared

January 8th: Much has been written about the 2019 UK general election regarding the need for the left to regroup.

“All we have is each other”: Working class solidarity in the face of a Tory future

January 4th: D.

What do we actually need security guards for?

December 29th: David Adam muses on the ways in which commercial security firms frequently cause more problems than they solve, and seem to be present in far greater numbers where working class people exist than in any other walk of life.