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Boris Johnson: the King Midas who turns everything to shite

April 7th: No sooner than Boris Johnson tried to look statesmanlike, it all fell apart.

Freedom Press co-opted by … the Hilton?

April 2nd: This story is so utterly ridiculous that when we heard it yesterday we all initially thought it was an April Fools.  Freedom Press has, admittedly, got an interesting sort of history and some nice old-timey aesthetics – we’ve been around for a long time after all, selling anarchist books and newspapers.

The exploitation of mental health advocacy during the pandemic: a retrospective

March 30th: There seems to be a fairly obvious hole in mental health advocacy and awareness.

The People’s Price Cap

March 28th: A woman in your area saved £££££s with anarchism today.

A thousand red flags

March 7th: Those of us who survive Russian imperialism shouldn’t have to be writing this anymore, but here we are.

Fuck leftist westplaining

March 4th: Earlier this week, the Polish parliamentary progressive left party, Razem, issued a statement in which they announce that they are cutting ties with two European organisations: Progressive International and DiEM25.

The world has changed. British politics in a new context

March 3rd: The world has changed.

How can we fight the faceless tyranny of marketing?

March 2nd: The competitive monetisation of absolutely everything is destroying our planet, our mental health, our rights, our relationships, our self-esteem.

And what a joke it is

February 10th: Millionaire tax dodger Jimmy Carr is in the news again, this time for a supposed joke about the murder of Gipsies and Travellers during the Holocaust, or the Porajmos as it is known by the Romani.

Fuel to the fire?

February 5th: Will the energy crisis spark a wider revolt?