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Palestine Action targets ADS Group and Avnet

Palestine Action continues to put pressure on the companies that facilitate the arms trade.

Overnight, activists from Palestine Action targeted ADS Group’s London office and Avnet’s and EBV Elektronik’s facility in Waltham Park, Berkshire. Red paint was sprayed across the ADS Group’s office, and a message reading ‘Eid Mubarak Gaza’ and ‘ADS Drop Elbit’ was spray-painted on the walls. In Berkshire, activists similarly covered the premises in red paint and shattered windows. 

ADS Group, Avnet, and EBV Elektronik all profit from working with Israel’s largest weapons firm, Elbit Systems. Elbit Systems supplies the Israeli military with 85% of its drone fleet and land-based equipment, as well as all of its small calibre ammunition (bullets). In addition, the CEO has described Elbit’s production of munitions, bombs, missiles, and digital warfare as crucial to enabling the Gaza genocide. 

Specifically, ADS Group acts as a representative and advocate of the world’s largest arms dealers. ADS’ business is promoting companies such as Elbit Systems within government and at arms fairs. Acting to facilitate the business of Israel’s largest weapons company—and promoting them with lobbying—ADS Group is deeply complicit in the ongoing Gaza genocide.

Avnet, owners of EBV Elektronik, describe themselves as a ‘leading global technology distributor‘ and boast of their involvement in the production of the F-35 lightning programme. The Israeli military frequently uses the F-35 fighter jet to commit massacres in Gaza. In addition, the company supplies electronics for Elbit Systems weaponry and has been operating in Israel since 2001.

Since October 7th, Israel has killed at least 33,360 Palestinians and injured over 75,993. As Eid Al-Fitr begins, Palestinians will struggle to commemorate this religious holiday, considering the ongoing brutality they are facing.

“There is no joy or appetite for celebrating the holy occasion,” Ahmed Ismail, a shopkeeper in Rafah, told Al Jazeera. “Even children have no interest in toys as they did in the past. This is the worst season we have ever lived.”

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