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Palestine Action smash Elbit’s cargo contractors

Overnight actions by Palestine Action have targeted the logistics companies servicing the operations of Israel’s arms trade in Britain, disrupting their operations and exposing their role in arming the ongoing genocide of Palestinians. 

In the past 100 days, over 25,000 Palestinians were killed, and for the last 75 years, they’ve remained under an apartheid regime enabled by the British government. Whilst our pleas for sanctions on apartheid Israel are ignored, it’s up to ordinary people to take direct action and end the complicity in genocide.

Companies assisting in the delivery and shipment of Israeli weaponry and essential equipment for Elbit facilitate and profit from the genocide of the Palestinian people. Thus, Palestine Action remains determined to target all those who remain associated with Elbit.”

Palestine Action targeted logistics companies belonging to Kuehne+Nagel (K+N) and Palletline as part of a widespread direct action campaign against Israel’s biggest weapons manufacturer, Elbit Systems, and the companies which facilitate their weapons manufacturing in Britain and their arms exports to Israel.

K+N’s Milton Keynes branch and their subsidiary in London, Nacaro Cargo Insurance, were targeted overnight. At the company’s Milton Keynes industrial site, which specialises in road transportation, activists sprayed the entire front of the building with blood-red paint and shattered windows. Others took similar action against Nacora in London, leaving the office drenched in paint.

Action Kuehne+Nagel, Milton Keynes 17/01/24

In Scotland, activists from Palestine Action struck Palletline’s Glasgow site, breaking their windows and spray painting messages such as “Drop Elbit” and “Free Palestine”. Palletline frequently transports items in and out of Elbit’s drone factory, U-TacS, In Leicester. 

K+N provide transportation and logistics services for Elbit’s UAV Tactical Systems (U-TacS) factory in Leicester, facilitating the manufacture and delivery of Israeli drone technologies. Along with partnerships held with Elbit, the company supplying 85% of Israel’s drones and land-based military equipment, K+N played a historical role in trafficking weapons to Apartheid South Africa, bolstering the regime in the 1980s. According to the Anti-Apartheid Movement, these shipments were even sent to South Africa via Israel. 

They are one of only six companies licensed for the secure collection, delivery, and disposal of firearms and weapons in Britain and have expansive aerospace operations. They are currently involved in a 13 year logistics improvements programme with the MOD and have partnerships and contracts with arms manufacturers, including Leonardo and Thales, both of whom Palestine Action has shut down previously in its determined disruption of British supplies to Israel. 

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