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Call to action: We are all comrades of Serge

At the time of writing, our comrade Serge has been in a coma for 15 days and his prognosis is still uncertain. We would like to warmly thank all the comrades whose quick intervention kept him alive and those who are treating him to the best of their ability today. We also thank all the people who, in one way or another, have shown their solidarity with the wounded and imprisoned of the movement.

We are witnessing, from afar, the various attempts by politicians to take advantage of Serge’s situation. They take from our struggles a springboard to strengthen their position in the political game. And for that, they want us to behave. Yet they know full well that the state and the bourgeoisie, of which they are a part, are determined not to give up.

This situation is not new. It is global, from France to China, from Colombia to Iran. Everywhere, the crumbs of hope are fading. Our living conditions are deteriorating as fast as they are getting richer, and wherever we rise up, we are met with repression and state violence. To say that capitalism has no horizon other than death, war and destruction is to acknowledge that the solution to end it lies in the struggles against our exploitation, in the outbursts, in us.

After weeks of struggle in France, the trade union and political leaderships are struggling to defend their strategy of maintaining order in the face of the millions of proletarians who have given their time, their bodies and even their lives to win. We refuse their programmed defeat and for this reason, in many places, forms of organisation have emerged to allow us to take the initiative and strengthen the struggle, through assemblies, occupations, demonstrations, strikes, blockades, sabotage. The essential thing for us is to build unity from those who refuse the division of the struggle and who are facing the state today. What they did to Serge, what they did to all the wounded and locked up, will not be tolerated.

We call to continue the actions to strengthen the movement and to dedicate them to all the wounded and locked up from here and elsewhere. Numerous banners have flourished in the processions and on the walls. Subways carry the names of the injured. Songs are being sung. Occupations and sabotage are multiplying. Let our effort soar.

We also ask all those in France and around the world who recognise themselves in this struggle to make the week of May 1st an intensive week of actions against the state and capital: at work, in the marches, on the roundabouts, in dedication to all our wounded, killed and locked up comrades, here and elsewhere, yesterday and today, who cannot participate. Not in a symbolic or memorial sense, but with the aim of launching, re-launching or continuing the struggles in which we participate.

Because it could have been any of, WE ARE ALL S’s COMRADES!

Long live the revolution!

The comrades of Serge

This statement first appeared at Les Camarades Du S

[If you want them to relay local initiatives, or if any assemblies/groups are thinking of setting up actions for the action week and beyond, please send them to]

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