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Unionised leisure centre cleaners win inflation-busting 16% pay rise

Cleaners and UVW members at Latchmere Leisure Centre in Battersea yesterday received confirmation that from 1 October their wages will increase by 16%.

The inflation-busting pay rise is the culmination of a campaign launched by the cleaners, all of whom are Bolivian migrants, for dignity, respect and a voice at work.

Juan, one of the cleaners and UVW members, said: A proper living wage is a right for all, whether you’re a migrant worker or not. If you don’t have a living wage it is your duty to fight for it. The bosses will try to deny you your rights and try to bring you down, but you have to keep going. Unity is strength and anything can be achieved if we are united as workers”

The campaign, launched in June, saw the cleaners successfully win statutory trade union recognition through the Central Arbitration Committee after their request for voluntary recognition by PPLM was rejected.

Marco, another cleaner and UVW member, said: “UVW works for and fights for workers’ rights and I have felt their full support. The fight continues however and I call on all workers; if you have any issues with your employers or any issues at work, join UVW so together we can fight for change.”

The cleaners will continue to negotiate the terms of their recognition agreement with PPLM, which will grant them the right to negotiate on a yearly basis dignified working conditions and pay.

Image: UVW

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