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Ukraine video dispatch: Anarchists Against Putin – International Anarchist Mobilization

Freedom is pleased to present the next Ukraine video dispatch produced for us by film-maker and journalist Alexis Daloumis. Alexis spent last few weeks in Kiyv, and previously you may have heard of him due to his other production, Belkî Sibê: A Journey Through The Syrian War and Rojava Revolution. If you haven’t watched last week’s dispatch, it is here. (zb)
The main piece of my reportage in Poland and Ukraine is about the practical mobilisation of Anarchists, their support for and their participation in the resistance against the Putin Regime’s invasion.
This video  takes place in Poland and it’s the first part of that main piece.  It explores the response of the anarchist milieu to the war in Ukraine, across the country and internationally. How there was a unanimous opposition to Russian imperialism and how this state of emergency united the movement, despite previous division and conflict, towards a common goal.
The second part, coming soon, will take place in Ukraine.
Alexis Daloumis

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