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France: Hunger striker Libre Flot hospitalised

Now on his 27th day of refusing food, the former Rojava fighter is still demanding that the accusation of “terrorist association” against him be rescinded.

Flot, who began his hunger strike on February 28th, was experiencing severe chest pains when he was admitted to hospital last Saturday for an examination, describing “strong chest pressure accompanied by sharp pain in the heart.” His return transfer to the hospital took nine hours, supervised by heavily armed men, for a simple medical opinion. Supporters note that “Even though he’s in good spirits, he has stated that his strength is declining. He is finding it difficult to stand still, to move, etc.”

On Thursday he was re-admitted, something he had been asking for in part to alleviate the impact of prison authorities continually flouting his healthcare rights having placed him in isolation since March 10th without clear access to doctors and necessary care.

Flot was one of nine anarchists arrested in December 2020 by French anti-terrorist police forces and has been accused of participating in a criminal association planning a terrorist attack. All bar Flot have since been released with, Flot still awaiting trial.

Flot has now been held for more than 15 months in pre-trial detention, mostly in solitary confinement, with several attempts being made to link him to Isis despite his active role being in the fight against the fundamentalist group via the YPG. He notes in particular that he was involved in the liberation of Raqqa.

Writing on radical media site Paris-Luttes, solidarity group Support812 decried a lack of interest from liberal human rights groups including Amnesty International, while lauding rising voices among the anarchist movement:

“There have been press releases from Solidaires, the Libertarian Communist Union, CNT, NPA . Banners of support are flourishing in Switzerland, Greece, Ariège, Paris, Montreuil, Rennes, Toulouse, Albi and a few rallies have taken place, one of which was severely repressed in Toulouse on March 16th. Libre Flot’s letters are also being broadcast on several militant radio stations: Canal Sud, Radio Canut, L’Envolée, Radio Pikez, 94° à l’ombre, etc. A forum bringing together some 50 personalities was published at Le Média, L’Humanité, Reporterre, Politis and LundiMatin. The signatories claim the right to “defend themselves in decent conditions.”

“Finally, a petition (sign it here) is calling for his immediate release and recalls the context of criminalization on a European scale of (pro)Kurdish activists.”

Pic: Illustration from Support 812’s, December 8th arrestees solidarity campaign

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