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Glasgow: Baile Hoose occupation under threat of rapid eviction

In the latest threat to Baile Hoose, Glasgow City Council are taking the occupation to court
 this Wednesday, 24 November 2021, seeking possession of the building and immediate 
eviction. Ordinarily eviction would require a 21 day notice period, but the Council are seeking
permission to remove this obligation. This curtailed process would leave the Hoose
 vulnerable to eviction immediately if the Council are successful, and the rapid legal moves 
make it difficult for the Hoose to find adequate legal support.

Baile Hoose, formerly overnight accommodation for asylum seekers, was occupied during
 COP26 to house activists who had been excluded from the climate conference. It housed 
hundreds during that time and helped their voices to be heard. Since then the Hoose has
 grown as a community project, offering practical solutions to the housing crisis. The building,
 which was unused, has been given basic renovation and is still occupied, providing much 
needed shelter and a vital community network.

Betty, spokesperson for the Baile Hoose occupation, said:

“We continue to occupy Baile Hoose in protest against the lack of accessible and emergency 
accommodation in Glasgow. We recognise that Glasgow City Council are in a position where
they are chronically and unacceptably underfunded. Time and time again public services are
 shut down and public assets sold off in an attempt to balance the books.”

“However, this only deepens the problem. We cannot continue reliving this story whilst
 poverty continues to grow. This community asset has been empty for over 3 years. If not
brought back into use, it risks being sold to private developers who continue to profit off the
systematic destruction of community spaces in Glasgow. Instead these buildings need to be
 brought back up to standard so they can be run by the community, for the community. We 
urgently ask the community and politicians to speak out in support of allowing unused public
buildings to the public.”

“The police have harassed and raided us, but we have remained resilient, and our presence 
in this building has been an asset to the community. It is unacceptable that the council are 
attempting to disregard their obligation to give notice to its occupants. We demand Glasgow
City Council drop this attempt to sidestep their duty of care and stop obstructing community
 use of public buildings.”

The Baile Hoose collective launched a crowdfunder to help with the urgent legal costs they will have due to the eviction threat. The link to the crowdfulder is here.

Contact for Baile Hoose:





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