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App Drivers & Couriers Union launches legal action against Bolt for worker rights in wake of strike and protest action

In what has been the biggest gig economy worker protest action since the pandemic, yesterday hundreds of private hire drivers assembled at Bolt’s West London offices to demand their worker rights. The workers, organised by the App Drivers & Couriers Union (ADCU) are demanding that Bolt also respect the Supreme Court ruling against Uber which found in favour of drivers. Specifically the union is demanding that Bolt:

  • immediately respect the worker status rights of their drivers to earn at least the minimum wage plus holiday pay for all working time;
  • raise fares to £2 per mile;
  • end unfair summary dismissals without right of appeal; and
  • immediately respect the digital rights of drivers including the right to access their personal data and for algorithmic management transparency.

The union also announced the commencement of mass legal action against Bolt in order to protect member worker rights. Drivers are invited to register with union lawyers to join this action with immediate effect.

Estonia based Bolt is the UK’s second-largest rideshare operator after Uber. UK Bolt app rideshare drivers went on 24h strike starting yesterday over Bolt’s failure to respect their worker rights in the wake of the recent Supreme Court ruling in favour of Uber drivers. Bolt drivers believe their working conditions are identical to Uber and so they are entitled to the same worker rights protections including the right to the minimum wage and holiday pay. In addition, the drivers complain about widespread summary dismissals without the right of appeal as Bolt desperately fights to hold on to its Transport for London license to operate in the capital.

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