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Deliveroo workers to strike over exploitative practices and low pay

Hundreds of Deliveroo riders from across the UK are expected to strike in an action to coincide with the company’s IPO valuation, taking place on the 7th of April.

An investor briefing produced by the Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB), Share Action and The Private Equity Stakeholder Project has highlighted some of the many issues riders face, including low pay, unsafe work conditions and precarious work patterns.

Whilst Deliveroo claims that rider earn on average £10 an hour, a report from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism found that some riders earn as little as £2 an hour. Even taking Deliveroo’s claims at face value, unavoidable costs shouldered by riders, including insurance, fuel and maintenance, often drive down take home pay below the minumum wage.

The strike only adds further pressure to Deliveroo, which has been subect to worker actions including stoppages and slowdowns, as well as coming under pressure from MPs. The company has relied on its riders’ self employed status to avoid having to pay out a minimum national wage or give any statutory benefits. This may be in jeapody as the Supreme Court recently found that Uber drivers were in fact workers, and thus entitled to benefits. What impact this ruling will have on Deliveroo remains to be seen.

Joseph Durbridge, a deliveroo rider in London, laid out worker concerns saying, “It [Deliveroo] doesn’t care about the financial security or basic rights of its riders and shamelessly claims the workforce is largely casual. We will not let them take us for a ride.”

The strike comes in the wake of an International Day of Action that took place on the 26th of March which saw riders in Australia, France, Italy and the UK take action across delievery platforms.

You can contribute to the IWGB strike fund here.

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