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Support Guarani M’bya in Brazil!

If you are able to, please support this important fundraiser by CUAPI –Coletivo Urbano em Apoio aos Povos Indígenas: a collective of indigenous and non-indigenous people with libertarian principles struggling and supporting the Guaranis M’bya people in Brazil.

CUAPI writes:

“Our actions are based on mutual aid and solidarity, as well as walking side by side with the natives along with their struggles and resistance in their territories. Together we can support them with basic feeding, production of traditional food, guaranteeing food sovereignty and land use and infrastructure work in the territories.

When we walk together, there are strengths and strategic constructions to stop the advances of neoliberalism, racism and ethnocide of the people that inhabit these lands. We believe that the struggle without borders is the river that moves Abya Yala,(Latin America), that is why we extend our solidarity to the struggle of people from all over the world and we believe that this solidarity is also what feeds us and that keeps us going. Let us be a network that surrounds the land and brings down violence.

This campaign aims to support native land Guyra Pepo, located in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, the home of the Guarani M’bya people.

Our goals are to restore and expand the prayer house (Opy’i), plant native trees and subsistence foods such as corn, rice, potato and others, distribute water and generate clean energy collected from surrounding rivers.

Also carry out the construction of ecological bathrooms and support the school located in the land. These are some of the missions and commitments we have to our parents (native people) here in São Paulo.”

Please donate here.

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