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Police exploit anti-racist BLM rally to arrest green activists

Three people, including green activists, were arrested by a City of London snatch squad at today’s Black Lives Matter march.

Two who were sitting in Hyde Park in the early part of the day were swarmed by around 20 police who arrested them under a City of London warrant, allegedly over an incident on February 28th.

Freedom has since heard that a squatted social centre and a multiple people’s home addresses were also raided under a Section 18 search.

The arrests are just the latest of many which have taken place over the course of the last week, as police attempt to keep a handle on a militant mood which has driven large rallies against racism and in support of black lives matter.

The march itself, which was moved at short notice to today following threats from the far-right, was otherwise a success, with thousands of people marching from Hyde Park to Trafalgar square as part of the peaceful protest.

A lineup of young speakers and musicians gave the event the air of a political festival, with hundreds of people ending up dancing on the steps of the square.

The large number of arrests has stretched detainee support networks such as the Activist Court Aid Brigade and a number of people have stepped up to ask for legal observer training from the Green and Black Cross. Both groups are calling on protesters to familiarise themselves with what to do in the event of further arrests, which seem increasingly likely following threats from the government of “fast-track justice” procedures.

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