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Killdren: Dismembers of Parliament – review


There can be no more pertinent band releasing a new album this week. Notorious Tunbridge Well’s 2-bit ravepunkers Killdren’s 3rd EP – Dismembers of Parliament – follows 2019’s Disguise The Limit –which infamously got them banned from Glastonbury for the track Kill Tory Scum.

In a week where the police have been enforcing social distancing rules by breaking social distancing rules, the opening track Expect A Krimewave could not be more relevant. Over searing techno-beats Efa Supertramp and Nick Ronin wail “One rule for them, another rule for us, expect a crimewave!” Sharp, satirical and witty throughout, the mischievious duo’s latest offerings cover all the hot topics of the current epoch. The next track demands for government to keep their hands off our NHS over fat bass jungle, Ronin spoken word gabbling like a Prophet of Doom. The vibes are of Sleaford Mods versus the Prodigy, demanding you turn it up fucking loud. This isn’t music as wallpaper, this is an instrument of war, the soundtrack to riot porn, techno-polka with Little Big bass and the caustic humour of Brass Eye and George Carlin – both of whom appear as samples across the EP.

It rages on through anti-religion, a warcry of “fuck you God” as we are encouraged to nourish ourselves on Thoughts and Prayers, into the apocalyptic and timely No More Normal – a direct response to the lockdown and climaxing with a cheeky Spiral Tribe sample that reminds us that “they might stop the party but they can’t stop the future”.

Killdren still sit cocksure and defiantly middle-fingering on the razor’s edge of pisstaking, epitomised by the track they set at a food bank attended by high-society socialites who have discovered it is the trendiest place to host their soirees. The lyrics tear apart the hypocrisy of the employing classes, the terror of environmental collapse, the relentless attack on our liberties by the State. This is some red hot anarchist shit. Although their latest lacks a Kill Tory Scum or something that might get them banned from some bougi-venues, they have plenty here to tease, shock and applaud. Throughout the album they swing the bass like a sledgehammer over biting lyrics in a frenzied technofury that matches the current climate perfectly. There is no better album to watch the massive oil spills of Russia destroy the planet, or to see Black Lives Matter protesters kettled to, or to count the number of dead from COVID-19.

Make sure to chuck them a few quid when you download it. It’s again a masterful work of ketaminised beats and amphetamine-vocals. Full power.

Available here.

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