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This week in Class War Daily

It’s been another busy week for Class War Daily: the world’s only daily anarchist newspaper (we think; please feel free to alert us to any others). Here’s a quick round-up of what they’ve been covering.

Monday 20th April

The Daily led with an open letter to UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, written by some who actually works in the sector. The writer spoke for the whole country when they wrote “when will this government simply humble itself, acknowledge it’s mistakes, and proceed to show our elderly, our social care workers and the NHS the respect and dignity we all deserve?”

This issue also had an article by a former NHS worker, a letter from a reader reflecting on the awful levels of deaths in care homes and a plea for people not to treat the NHS like a charity. It asks “where is the rage?”

Tuesday 21st April

Tuesday’s CWD called for a general strike in the UK on the first Friday after the lockdown is lifted.

It also had an update on the situation for the homeless during the lockdown. Isn’t it funny that local authorities can suddenly find places for people?

5G conspiracy loons also took a hit with their theories: “5G conspiracy theorists are nothing more than the useful idiots for Johnson, Trump and the rest of the capitalist elite, who would deflect from their catastrophic handling of the Covid-19 crisis, which is costing literally 1,000s of lives every day.”

Wednesday 22nd April

Your rip-roaring soaraway Class War included wise words from author Philip Pullman, including “we must burn out the old corruption and establish a better way of living together.” What’s not to like about that! This was accompanied by an article urging everyone to demand more. We cannot simply go back to ‘normal’. The back page included news that the government is debating opening parts of the economy back up again. Who fancies some Covid 19 anytime soon?

Thursday 23rd April

In this edition news of the reality from the front line of postal services. There’s a letter from a Mr Gove (or was it satire?). There’s also news from six branches of Pizza Hut in south London in which workers have not been paid properly.

Friday 24th April

CWD starts to build towards May Day with a call for people to make some noise from isolation at 2pm on the day itself. A top Tory is called out for suggesting that the virus isn’t very serious. This edition includes what may well be the very first parliamentary sketch in an anarchist publication, as the first PMQ’s for Kier Starmer is presented like nowhere else. A letter from a reader also prompts a reply as CWD goes mildly interactive.

The Daily will return with the new issue tomorrow, 27th April.

Jon Bigger

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