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Prison Makes Us Sick!: A message from London Anarchist Black Cross

Prison Makes Us Sick!: A message from London Anarchist Black Cross

In this moment of not knowing what’s coming next, the failure of this system is more and more clear: a world wired for ever-growing speed, circulation, and productivity, suddenly has to stop. In this moment when power gets more power, fed by the general panic of an unknown and new situation, there’s a pressing need to listen out and to fight for those who are most affected, those who already know what it is to be trapped, isolated and repressed.

We will be publishing information, hoping to amplify unheard voices, and to break the silence that risks making an intolerable situation even worse. Now, more than ever, those caged by the state face precarious conditions, with low hygienic standards, very poor healthcare and overcrowded cells. While the ‘managers’ of the crisis carefully calculate how this or that measure can protect the political and economic order, the basic steps we need to take to slow down the contagion are clear: keep distance between each other, maintain good hygiene and avoid crowded places. Inside, this will be difficult or impossible for many. We are not going to ‘take this on the chin’! Prison makes us sick!

Take a minute to share this poster, as an easy and first step to practicing solidarity. Email us with any questions. We won’t share any details without consent.

Below are some prisoners you can write to, locked in a cell not because a virus but something worst, REPRESSION.

!! Remember to put an international stamp in the envelope so the recipient can reply back !!

If you don’t want to put your address on the envelope contact us at

RODRIGO LANZA: Apartado de correos 33044, Ronda universitat 23, 08007 Barcelona (Spain)

LISA DORFER: C.P Brians I, Carretera de Martorell a Capellades, Km 23 08.635 Sant Esteve Sesrovires (España)

ILYA EDUARDOVICH ROMANOV,1967 g.r. , ul. Rabochaya 147, SIZO-1 , Saransk , Mordoviya, Respublika, 430003 Russia

THOMAS MEYER FALK, C/o JVA(SV ABT) Herman-Herder str.8, D 79104 Freiburg, Germany

NATASCIA SAVIO: CC Piacenza “Le Novate” – sezione femminile, Strada delle Novate 65, 29122 Piacenza

BENIAMINO ANNA: CC Messina “Gazzi” – Via Consolare Valeria, 2 – 98124 –Messina

MADDALENA CALORE, Casa Circondariale di Uta, Strada II Ovest – 09010
Uta (Cagliari)

Vaggelis Stathopoulos (βαγγελης σταθοπουλος): Dikastiki filaki Larissas TK 4111O Larissa (Greece)

Giorgos Petrakakos ( Γιωργος Πετρακακος): Dikastiki Fylaki Korydallou Ediki  Pteryga, (basements of the women prisons), TK 18110, Korydallos, Athens

Kevan Thakrar: A4907AE HMP Full Sutton, York YO41 1PS ENGLAND

SVEN VAN HASSELT A3021ED, HMP Winchester, Romsey Road, Winchester, SO22 5DF

Noah Coffin #17951672665 Prison Rd #1Lovelady, TX, USA 75851

JENNIFER ROSEJennifer Amelia Rose #E-23852Salinas Valley State Prison D3-1250P. O. Box 1050Soledad, CA 93960-1050

London Anarchist Black Cross is a collective set up with the aim of supporting prisoners: political prisoners, people in detention centers or just people fucked over by the capitalist system.

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