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GBC release new police station support guide

Activist legal support primos, the Green and Black Cross, have published a new guide to providing police station support for those unfortunate souls who find themselves under arrest. Police station support is an often overlooked aspect of protest and direct action but is key to building a sustainable movement, as the experience of arrest is, by its nature, intended to damage and deter. The information gathered by PSS volunteers is also crucial to providing on-going support.

Written in conjunction with the Activist Court Aid Brigade and Queercare, the new guide covers how to prepare for police station support; what to do at the police station; tips on liaising with lawyers and appropriate adults; what information to collect for follow-up support and a guide to some basic First Aid and acute mental health support.

For more information on activist legal support and where to find it, please see this handy explainer.

Carl Spender

Photo credit: GBC Facebook page

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