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London event invitation: What is Freedom?

We use the word all the time and we all probably have our own gut feelings about what we mean when we do so. It’s also the case that in political philosophy the word has multiple meanings depending on what philosophy is under scrutiny.

Peterson Silva will be presenting some thoughts regarding anarchism and freedom at the MayDay Rooms in London on Friday 21st February at 6pm.  As Peterson says “It’s hard to find a more loaded word in the vocabulary of politics: everyone is for freedom – from a certain point of view…”

For liberals, freedom comes through government combined with rights, some socialists might focus on freedom from poverty and / or hunger for example. An anarchist conception of freedom is both immediately obvious and yet hidden as we rarely discuss our meaning of the word and the implications for how we use it.

This discussion, complete with Q&A promises to be a fascinating foray into a term that defines our movement, our struggles and has implications for how we organise and structure our activities.

Peterson is a PhD student from Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC), Brazil, currently a visiting researcher at Loughborough University. He studies contemporary political theory and anarchism.

Venue: Mayday Rooms, Screening Room, First Floor, 88 Fleet Street, EC4Y 1DH Door Entry Buzzer Number: 3.

Image by The unnamed, published under CC BY-SA 2.0

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