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Rise up for Rozbrat!

Across Europe, autonomous spaces are fighting for survival in the face of mounting repression. Following the violent evictions of La Zad in 2018, ADM in January and Grow Heathrow in February of this year, the State is setting its sights on Poland’s oldest squat. After celebrating its 25th anniversary in October, the future of the Rozbrat social centre now hangs in the balance as the land it occupies is to be auctioned off.

Rozbrat at night (photo via Rozbrat social media)

From Rigaerstrasse in Berlin, to the streets of Exarchia, to the deserts of Syria, the class war is raging as governments continue to lurch to the right and property developers, fascist politicians and land bankers close in on the generation of squats that were opened during the 90s. They have resisted before, and will do so again with the popular support of the communities of Poznan and the squatting community. Demonstrations in support of Rozbrat regularly attract thousands of people. Now more than ever, the autonomous movement of Europe and the world must look beyond our immediate localities and borders to show how we can support our collective struggles against capitalism and the State in the spirit of internationalism and solidarity. Rozbrat is a vital part of the Polish anarchist movement’s heritage and infrastructure. If it were to be evicted it would be a devastating blow to the already embattled autonomous movement in Poland, and a major loss to the European resistance. These spaces of self-directed liberty represent a direct threat to the status quo and are being systematically targetted for destruction by the State apparatus.

Based at Rozbrat
Poznań Freedom Fighters combat sports gym (photo by Freedom Fighters)

Since 1994 Rozbrat has been a cultural, social and political hub for Polish anarchism, organizing thousands of events from concerts to theatrical performances, lectures, seminars and workshops, as well as providing a base for grassroots initiatives such as bicycle workshops, Food Not Bombs and groups such as the Anarchist Federation.

Activist from Wielkopolskie Tenants Association, co-funded by activists from Rozbrat, during the recent action reclaiming an illegally evicted by a property speculator flat (Photo by Radosław Sto)

Rozbrat needs solidarity.

The date is yet to be set for the auction, so the time to organise is now. Below are some suggestions of how we can support the Rozbrat squatters.

Send money! Every euro helps not only in material terms to hire lawyers and support the campaign through what we doubtless be a lengthy legal battle, but also in showing that Rozbrat does not stand alone. Support their Patreon here.

Squat! For every assault on our established centres of organisation, we are reminded of the necessity of taking direct action and seizing buildings from their capitalist owners to use for the movement to live, organise and actualise. In London, Practical Squatters meets once a month to crack new buildings. With the worst winter in 30 years about to descend on the UK, we need to occupy more spaces to get people of the street and provide living, breathing examples of anarchy in action.

Solidarity! Paint it on the walls, hang the banners from the scaffold, let the whole world know that we remember Rozbrat.

Fuck the bailiffs! Fuck the law! Squat and fight!




Demo in solidarity with Rozbrat (photo Radosław Sto)

Text: George F.

Main photo: demo in defence of Rozbrat, via Rozbrat website.

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