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Chester Shows Solidarity for the Homeless in Hamilton House

UPDATE 9th October

Before the court hearing even finished, the folk occupying Hamilton House got bailiffs and cops outside. They are calling for support and legal observers to come down ASAP.

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As we reported last week, a group of homeless people have occupied the upstairs of Hamilton House in Chester. Hamilton House is a homeless support centre run the local project “ForFutures”, and has a vast office space sitting empty above it.

Just so you know, despite the local council putting up a fence and getting private security guards to deal with the homeless folk currently in residence at Hamilton House,  the occupation is still going strong.

Yesterday organisers from homeless solidarity groups, the IWW, and well-wishers from the local community came together to support the protesting squatters of Hamilton House. Braving the less than clement weather, the couple of dozen comrades gathered together to show their support for the homeless community of Chester who are already facing council eviction and being chucked back out into the rain. Supplies were lifted over fences, news exchanged and well wishes given.

A speech by one of the supporters:

There is still a need for supplies to be donated (as listed below) which can be dropped off at Hamilton House. These supplies are vital and are the difference between the residents being left to starve behind a fence and spending the night being warmed up by some toasties and a decent cuppa.

The Hamilton House residents are due in court on the 9th October to face unfamiliar legal ground in a hostile courtroom with the most likely result being that council seeking to turf them out imminently. Court solidarity is being planned and if you are able to head along in the morning and show love this would be greatly appreciated.

~ Peter Ó Máille

If you are able to spare some supplies, here are some suggestions for donations:

Toiletries (deodorants, toothpaste, toothbrushes, baby wipes in particular)
Clean underwear and socks
Blankets and duvets
Hand warmers and beanie heaters
Hats, scarves and gloves
Unisex jumpers
Feminine hygiene products
Snack foods-crisps, chocolate, individually wrapped cakes
Tinned and long-life packet food-fruit, beans, pasta, rice, pot noodles.
Long-life milk

Photo by Jeff Price

Photos by Jeff Price

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