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BREAKING: Extinction Rebellion London warehouse raided by cops

Extinction Rebellion South London warehouse has been raided by the police this morning. According to the reports, at least 20 police vans were seen parked outside, and dozens of officers were present.

Police used battering rams to force entry to the property used to store XR’s equipment. Eight XR activists were arrested for conspiracy to cause a public nuisance.  They are currently held at the Brixton police station.

Additionally,  as reported by XR London Twitter account, an XR vehicle was stopped today near Kennington, South London, for a “random” MOT and insurance check.  The driver appears to have been nicked for having a gazebo in the van.

XR  vehicles and equipment, including such dangerous items as pink pillows and bikes, were seized.

Today’s  Met Police action is likely an attempt to obstruct the upcoming XR mass action. Beginning on 7th October,  Extinction Rebellion and allied movements plan to “gather in major cities across the globe and continue to rebel against the world’s governments for their criminal inaction on the Climate and Ecological Crisis.” In London, XR announced plans to block 12 sites in Westminster, starting from Monday morning.

Photo: a video still from XR London Twitter account

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