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Far-right threatens Irish unity rally in Glasgow

Anti-fascists have mobilised today amid loyalist chatter threatening International Brigades and Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association marches in Govan.

Reports ahead of the main rally, which will march at 2pm from Millroad Street in the the Calton through to the La Pasionaria monument on Clyde Street (see above), suggest that up to 500 fascists may turn out in a repeat of last month’s violent rioting which tore through Elder Park.

Loyalists from as far away as London have been issuing threats, and the situation has forced a major organising drive in the city by groups such as Glasgow Anti-fascist Alliance and Red Action Alba to protect the march, which is set to be heavily cordoned by police.

The rally, which incorporates a wreath-laying ceremony for the anti-fascist International Brigades of the Spanish Civil War, will be followed by a second Anti-Internment March starting at 3pm from Blythswod Square.

The loyalist “anti-IRA” counter-demo callout meanwhile is suggesting Clyde Street at 2.30pm.

Freedom will be publishing a full report of the day’s events later. Glasgow Anti-Fascist Alliance will be updating regularly.

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