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Greece: Police attack Exarcheia Square and K*VOX social centre

Greece: Police attack Exarcheia Square and K*VOX social centre

The Greek riot police has attacked Athens’ Exarcheia Square and K*VOX social centre late last night.

Exarcheia Square is a popular spot for both socialising and political happenings. Located at the square K*VOX is a well known social centre. Opened in early 2012 and evicted shortly after, it was promptly re-squatted and stands strong ever since.

Prior to the attack, there were reports of a strong police presence around Exarcheia, an unique rebel district in the centre of Athens and a home to over 20 squats. Among the activities in the neighborhood, in the recent years, the residents have helped to house many refugee people in self-organised spaces.

Video of the police attack at K*VOX

The last night’s attack was conducted while both the square and the social centre were crowded with people. The cops used tear gas against the people gathered at the square, to later attempt to invade K*VOX, smashing the glass door and throwing gas inside.

According to reports, four people were arrested and several injured during the attack, with one man who suffered a serious head injury needing a hospital stay.

The Greek police is conducting an operation against radicals in Exarcheia for days, with reports that it has been surrounded by huge police numbers, including riot police (MAT), anti-terrorist units (OPKE), motorbike police (DIAS), and undercover police. Last week, the police have evicted several of Exarcheia’s refugee squats, imprisoning over a hundred of their residents in detention centers.

The police operation is Exarcheia is linked to the recent election victory of the right wing Nea Dimokratia (New Democracy, ND) party. ND, during the election campaign, has promised to “restore law and order” in the district.

In light of the recent events in Athens, the London Anarchist Federation has called for a protest gathering at the Greek Embassy at 1 Holland Park, London W1, on Monday 2nd September from 1pm to 3pm.


Image and video: the Greek Anarchist Federation (Αναρχική Ομοσπονδία)

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