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The Social Centre Bulletin

This new column for Freedom News aims to support and publicise what’s happening at radical social centres around Britain.

Social centres are fantastic hubs for their communities and the gathering points for rebels and revolutionaries. These bastions of liberty provide an inestimable service to the people who use them. They should be supported at every turn, utilised and enjoyed.

To aid in that we’re going to start a regular schedule of providing news and updates from social centres up and down the land, and do our best to keep you in the loop of what’s happening. If you want to share any info about upcoming happenings and news shoot a message to editor(at)

The big news at the moment is that two of our most longstanding and fantastic centres are in dire need of roof repairs!

Cowley’s crumbly crown

The Cowley Club in Brighton is a vegan, non-profit and entirely volunteer led centre which has been doing fantastic stuff for 16 years. The crew have put untold hours of work into supporting their community in all manner of ways from running benefit gigs to hosting a vegan foodbank, and now they need some financial support.

Their building is over a 100 years old and the roof is on its last days, so they need to erect a scaffold and get a team of contractors up there to fix the leaking roof, a cracked chimney and the plaster facade at the front, where they intend to create a permanent memorial to Anna Campbell (Hêlîn Qereçox) — who gave their life fighting as part of the Kurdish Women’s Protection Unit last year — in the form of a mural visible from the busy London Road.

They are about halfway to their £11,700 target with 19 days left.
Click here for their fundraising page.

BASE’s bashed bonce

Over in Bristol we have BASE (Base for Anarchism and Solidarity in Easton) which used to be known as Kebele. It kicked up as a squat way back in 1995 and has spent 24 years as a vital part of movement in Bristol, hosting thousands of meetings, workshops, screenings and events of all descriptions . It is a hub for Bristol’s anarchist scene.

However their roof is in a bad state and needs £18,000 worth of work to ensure that it is safe and secure for years to come.

Base are £1,000 in to a £18,000 request with 19 days left.
Click here for their fundraising page.

Take me down to the Granite City

Elsewhere a crew up in Aberdeen are organising to create a dynamic space for progressive space and social centre. They aim to work together in the spirit of mutual aid and solidarity to make an “Aberdeen Social Centre” or ASC which will be a safe and welcoming space for all and a resource to aid groups.

It’ll be ran by those using the space, non-hierarchically and not for profit. They are in the early stages, just getting off the ground, and are using a room in the ATUC offices in the Adelphi. They are pro-actively looking for your help to get things going, looking for all the ideas, inspiration and resources they can get! Check out their social media and get in contact here.

The Prints of Whales (with apologies to Donnie Trump)

In Cardiff, a new social space has set up on Duke street called Gentileza. They are a radical art space, who are providing a warm and welcoming hub for the diverse communities of the ‘diff and hosting a variety of projects such as a pay as you feel bookshop, an ethical coffee shop and an array of arts and music events. Definitely worth saying ‘ello and popping down. You can find their social media here.

Events of note

Most social centres have a regular line up of events, meetings, open drop-ins etc, but here are some major and minor events over the next two weeks (Contact them / check Facebook pages etc for more details) 🙂

June 20th
Anarchy in the USA, Talk by a member of the USA’s Black Rose Anarchist Federation hosted by London AFED at Decentre.

June 21st
Anarchy in the USA, Talk by a member of the USA’s Black Rose Anarchist Federation hosted by Bristol AFED at BASE.

No Evictions meeting, important one here due to SERCOs stated intent to start evicting Asylum Seekers at GAS (Glasgow Autonomous Space)

June 22nd
Civilised Society, Prisoners of War, MTRC,Distort hosted by Rebel Cat Collective at The 1 in 12 club

June 23rd
Injustice film screening, symposium and fundraiser at GAS (Glasgow Autonomous Space)

June 29th
Edinburgh Anarchist Feminist Bookfair is being hosted by ACE (Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh)

Punk 4 The Homeless, fundraiser for homeless street children via Casa Alianza. Hosted by Sumac

Decolonise Fest 2019 back for it’s third outting with a fantastic line up of performance and workshops at DIY Space for London over two days.

Shoot us an Message if we’ve turned a blind eye to an event you want highlighting!

~Peter Ó’Máille

Additional Resources:-
Organise! Magazine have a map of Social Centres here.

Radical Routes have a great guide to setting up a social centre here.

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