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April 15th – Anti-Capitalist Demo Call Out

April 15th – Anti-Capitalist Demo Call Out

On Mondy 15th April the recently formed Green Anti-Capitalist Front are calling for a start of actions to highlight that the root cause of climate change and environmental destruction is capitalism. Here is the GAF call-out:

We are calling for a broad anti-capitalist front to take part in
environmentalist actions starting on Monday 15th of April in London,
outside St Paul’s Cathedral, meeting at 12 noon. We will be assembling
at St Paul’s Cathedral for a tour of the heart of global extractive
finance, also known as the City of London.

We support the efforts by groups like Extinction Rebellion to build
large movements, but we also support the many working class, immigrant,
anti-borders, socialist, anarchist and communist groups which have been
working to dismantle the capitalist roots of climate change, species
extinction and extractive industrialism. Unlike Extinction Rebellion, we
are not asking you to get arrested but we must highlight the fact that
capitalism is the root cause of this crisis and bring this message to
the workplaces of the people profiting from environmental destruction.

The Green Anti-capitalist Front is not a group, but rather a banner to
bring together all of us who want to join the struggle against climate
change, but who see that the only way of doing that is by digging up
this threat by is roots – capitalism and state violence. We are calling for all anti-capitalists to join us on the street and show that London is both red and green.

If your group would like to co-host, please get in touch.

Bring banners, flags, flares and noise!

Climate struggle is class struggle!

FB event for sharing here.

Green Anticapitalist Front twitter: @frontgreen

Green Anticapitalist Front website.

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