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BREAKING: Anti Raids Network shut down London immigration enforcement base

The activists from Anti Raids Network have successfully shut down the Eaton House immigration enforcement base in Hunslow.

Eaton House is one of four immigration enforcement bases in London. It covers West London area. Immigration enforcement officers plan their operations and leave from there to carry out raids and intelligence gathering visits.

The blockade, involving lock-ons, has started last night and is still going strong.

The Anti Raids Network action met with support from people going to sign at the base. One person said: “We’re always worried about our next signature because we don’t know if they will try and take us. For some families it’s very hard because they have children… I’m happy that today immigration won’t be able to send anyone back.”

Despite of the fire brigade assisting in cutting one of the locks at the request of the cops, no immigration enforcement were able to leave the base to harass people since the blockade started. Today afternoon, Eaton House shut down completely, with staff having gone home and no “racist vans” leaving the base.

Source and image: Anti Raids Network

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