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London event invitation: feminists call for attention to rising fascism

On 25th November, a coalition of over 1,000 feminists of all genders will come together for a nighttime demonstration to commemorate  the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. The action is part of The Feminist Anti-Fascist Assembly (FAF) which aims at building a new movement of resistance, highlighting the dangers of rising fascism that promotes gender-based violence and calls for traditional gender roles.

Challenging the far right’s attempt to hijack women’s experiences of abuse and rape for their racist and sexist agenda, FAF is calling to reclaim the fight and for women to rise up against fascism.

Despite the growing focus on the voices of survivors of sexual violence in media coverage and political activism, survivors have not seen significant changes in gaining justice. This is evident in, for example, the acquittal of a rapist in Ireland this week due to the style of underwear the victim was wearing.

This weekend sees protests against gender-based violence in cities across the globe. These protests have a unified message: the fight to end sexual violence is a part of the fight against fascism. Anti-fascism is essential for women to regain control over our bodies and our lives.

Ava Caradonna from Women’s Strike Assembly said: “On November 25 feminists stand up to the global patriarchy and its oppression of women. Now is not the time to stay silent”.

The FAF work in solidarity with different groups working to end sexual violence, such as the Kurdish women’s movement that have been resisting the brutal patriarchal attacks of ISIS.

Sick of toxic transphobia and attacks on sex worker rights, the coalition includes sex worker organisations and are organising Reclaim the Fight in London, reclaiming this protest as a site for inclusive feminist resistance.

More than forty radical and grassroots groups are endorsing FAF’s call to action, including: Feminist Anti-Fascist Assembly; Women’s March London, Kurdish Women’s Assembly; Brazilian Women Against Fascism; Ni Una Menos UK, Croydon Momentum and trade unions such as United Voices of the World (UVW) and Cleaner and Allied Independent Workers Union (CAIWU)

Join the demonstration this Sunday, 25th November, 5pm-8pm, outside BBC Portland Place, London W1A 1AA. There will be a mobile creche on the march- the kids block. You can follow the event page for updates here.

Photo: Feminist Anti-Fascist Assembly


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