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Wigan’s Royal Mail staff stage wildcat strike action in solidarity with sacked colleague

Workers from the Royal Mail delivery office in Wigan in Greater Manchester today morning have staged a spontaneous industrial action in support of a sacked colleague. The name and the  reason for dismissal of the worker are yet unknown.
Employees at the depot in Hallgate abandoned their workplace today morning, after learning that a colleague had been fired over weekend. In an amazing show of solidarity, virtually all Royal Mail depo staff took part in the walk-out, demanding their colleague to be reinstated.
According to Saf Khan, branch secretary of the Communication Workers Union for the group covering Wigan, the sacked worker has been Royal Mail employee for the last 36 years. Union representatives are due to discuss the situation with the depo’s managerial team later today or tomorrow. Royal Mail spokesperson expressed the company’s “disappointment” with “unballoted industrial action”.
Today’s strike action isn’t the first time when Wigan Royal Mail staff stands in solidarity with a colleague. In November 2017, 230 postal workers took part in a wildcat strike during a dispute over disciplinary action taken against one postman. The disciplinary action which disrupted postal deliveries for two hours took place after the worker complained over his heavy workload.

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