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Texas: San Antonio Occupy ICE camp attacked by nazis

Yesterday morning the activists camping outside of ICE facilities in San Antonio, Texas, were attacked by neo-nazis from Patriot Front group. The camp was trashed, but fortunately nobody was injured.

Patriot Front is a Texas-based white supremacist, neo-nazi association. About 15-people strong group, wearing blue shirts and white masks, ambushed the camp, shouting “strong borders, strong nation”, while the activists were still sleeping. According to the Occupy ICE SATX Twitter account, during the attack the police was stationed just around the corner and did nothing as they watched Patriot Front running back to their cars. You can watch a short video from the attack (cw: not nice at all):

Occupy ICE San Antonio camp was formed on 17th July. Since then, dozens of people have come through the camp at various points, however, during the attack only seven activists were present.

In last twelve days, the occupants have managed to delay ICE workers from entering the building and prevented a deportation bus. The whole time, they’ve handed out drink, food, and literature to families of those detained waiting outside.

Asher, one of the Occupy ICE San Antonio activists, said in an interview with local paper: “What brought them out today is that we are a threat. We are a threat to the encroaching fascist white ethno-state. They see that and they wanted to disturb us, to demoralize us. And their attempts to do that, while chilling, were ultimately unsuccessful. We are here and we’re going to continue to be here, calling for the abolition of ICE.”


Photo: rebuilding the camp, source: Occupy ICE SATX

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