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Stop Trump, Stop Tommy – Anti-Fascist Assembly Call Out

This is a call out for the London-wide antifascist assembly sent to Freedom by our friends from Plan C. It is important, please read, share, and, most importantly, attend the event. zb

This is an urgent call for everyone who believes in the values of anti-fascist, anti-racist class solidarity to attend a special open assembly, in response to the emerging xenophobic and islamophobic ultra-nationalist movements in the UK.

We saw scenes early this month that would have been unimaginable a decade ago as 10,000 people descending on Whitehall to demand the release of ex-BNP member and ex leader of the EDL Tommy Robinson.

Since the election of Trump in the US, the global right has been emboldened by the presence of a president that has tweeted support for Britain First and has reached a new low in putting kids, some as young as 18 months, in cages.

We have also seen the formation of a new anti-immigrant far-right government in Italy, with a vocal fascist Matteo Salvini taking control of the interior ministry. His actions in recent weeks have included refusing a ship of over 600 migrants rescued from the Mediterranean the use of Italian ports, raids against migrants and a proposal for an illegal registry of the Roma community.

Further east in Turkey, Erdoğan authoritarian and fascist regime has committed atrocities with state sponsored militias and Islamist terrorists in Afrin and the continued repression and murder of progressive and civil society groups in Turkey.

The list goes on – Hungary, Austria, Poland, Germany…anti-immigrant, anti-muslim populism is securing increased electoral successes whilst deflecting responsibility from state neglect of the working class and neo-liberal reforms.

As we head towards a Brexit which could mean severe consequences for migrants and non-whites in the UK, we need to raise the awareness of the fundamentally anti-working class character of these new movements, and in turn raise the working class character of our opposition. What at first glance may appear to be grassroots working class whites “taking back power”, becomes a tool for cross-class collaboration with vested interests in protecting national capital and access to markets abroad.

We therefore invite you all to join us for this special assembly. The details are below:

Stop Trump. Stop Tommy – Anti-Fascist Assembly
7-10pm Thursday June 28th @ Halkevi, 33 Dalston Ln, London E8 2PE

Speakers include: Asad Rehman (Stop Trump Coalition), Elif Sarican (Kurdistan Students Union), Anti-fascists from Italy, Plan C LDN and others TBA.

Part I: We will hear and discuss contributions from the STOP TRUMP Campaign and activists from Turkey and Kurdistan, Italy and the UK in order to understand the international dimension of these new movements and how they have developed from street based insurgencies to assuming control of the state.

Part II: We will then focus on how we will mobilise and plan to get numbers on the streets for an effective anti-fascist presence against Trump and Tommy.

Supported By Stop Trump Coalition, Plan C LDN, Kurdistan Students Union – UK, Anti-Fascist Student Network, Potere Al Popolo London, North London Anti-Fascists, Anti-Fascist Network, London Anti-Fascists, Class War, Kent Anti-Racists Network, Dywizjon 161, Razem Londyn…more TBA

Social media event page can be found here.

Called by Plan C London – Antifa Working Group




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