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Indonesia: solidarity call for anarchists imprisoned in Yogyakarta

Some worrying news reached us from Indonesia. On Mayday this year, workers, students and youths took to the streets of Yogyakarta to protest against the ‘feudal monarchy society and the repression of the state apparatus in building the New Yogyakarta International Airport (NYIA) infrastructure mega project that rid the peasants of Kulon Progo’. During the protest, some vandalism occurred, and in result the total of 69 people got arrested: some on the day, others during the following huge police crack down. A legal observer was also arrested and beaten.

Some of the arrested protesters are still in custody. In some cases, they are subjected to beatings and torture and have been refused the right to a solicitor and legal defense. People are also kept in isolation and denied contact with friends and families. At least one prisoner was subjected to 15 days of interrogation without a lawyer present. The prisoners are due to be transferred to another prison on 29th June.

Indonesian Anarchist Black Cross

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