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Pickets as Cuadrilla attempts injunction to ban anti-frack blockades in Lancashire

Environmental protectors picketed Manchester Civil Justice Centre yesterday against an attempt by gas fracking company Cuadrilla to impose the latest in a series of chilling injunctions against green direct action.

Summing up for the case is due today as the firm tries to ban trespass on its drill site at Preston New Road, obstruction of the site entrance, slow walking, lock-ons — and even blockades against linked suppliers.

Campaigners said the legal shenanigans show that Cuadrilla has been feeling the pinch as local people have shown their vocal opposition to fracking at the site just outside Blackpool. Extraction was initially blocked by Lancashire Council before being overruled by central government, as it is seen as a key test case for future fracking projects.

In a statement ahead of the trial, campaign group Reclaim the Power said:

Cuadrilla have clearly been emboldened to make this move by the government’s recently announced anti-democratic power grab to deprive local residents of their right to decide if their community should be fracked.

This double attack on our movement is because we are winning, and the fracking industry is failing.

Reclaim the Power considers it our deeply held responsibility to continue taking action to stop fracking in Lancashire and everywhere in the face of such scare tactics because fossil fuels must stay in the ground to avoid catastrophic climate breakdown.

We remain totally unwavering in our commitment to stand in solidarity with the local Lancashire community resisting Cuadrilla’s attempt to frack. We will not be bullied out of that by anyone.

Until we win ✊

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