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‘Kurdistan Place’ occupied in central London

‘Kurdistan Place’ occupied in central London

Kurdish youth and supporters, some linked to Plan C, have occupied a vacant building near Edgware Road.

Kurdistan Place was occupied by friends of Anna Campbell last week in solidarity with the Kurdish Freedom Movement. In a statement, the occupiers said:

We want this space to enable learning about Kurdish culture and Kurdish liberation’s emancipatory politics. We also want this space to enable solidarity and anti-capitalist organising. Anna was involved with a similar project in 2012 called Palestine Place, an occupation of a building in Chancery Lane, which was set up to highlight the need for solidarity, support and knowledge about the occupation of Palestinian territories in the West Bank and the ongoing siege of Gaza by Israel and Egypt. We want to use this space as a means to promote radical social change and revolution.

We welcome any group who wants to use the space to fight what Anna called ‘the forces of evil’.

Events which have already taken place at the new space include kombucha brewing, dance lessons, discussions on the situation in Rojava, and anarchist meetings.

Update: The site has since been evicted by its owners (the Church of England)

You can contact the group at, they are also active on Twitter.

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