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Netherlands: harsh sentences for squatters

The six squatters who occupied a water tower in Utrecht last October to mark 7 years since squatting were made illegal in Netherlands were sentenced this week. The sentences are quite harsh:  the squatters received fines of 500 euros each and one person was given seven days prison.

The water tower on the Amsterdamsestraatweg in Utrecht stood empty for about 20 years before it was squatted on 1st October 2017 to mark seven years since the criminalization of squatting. The squatters wanted to highlight the mismanagement of housing, emptiness and squatting.  A big banner which read  ‘Fuck the squatban’  was put on the building.

The Dutch state responded with overwhelming force and evicted the building the same day. According to reports, seven people were arrested, six squatters and one person outside for “insulting the police”. Nothing is known about the seventh arrestee.

Dutch squatters are planning to start a fundraising campaign in order to pay the fines.  More info to follow.


Source: Trespass



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