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London: Embassy of Conscience occupied centre evicted

Following a court hearing on January 14th the Utopian Bohemians group has been ousted from their latest squatted social project in part of the Congo Embassy.

The Bohemians, who have been connected to multiple occupations across London over the last few years including last year’s Belgravia squat campaign of multimillion pound buildings, had been running the centre since the turn of the year. The site was occupied following clashes in DR Congo where government forces opened fire on churches during protests against president Joseph Kabila, who has repeatedly failed to hold elections or step down despite promises of both.

Some of the initiatives the crew worked on included a visit from SustainaClaus (carried over from a recent occupation at Charing Cross), ambassador of the #RepublicOfConscience. The space also played host to artwork by Junksy the “Banksy of sustainability,” and its own Ecoshop.

The site didn’t last long before police came in to investigate, and in the video below the group explain a bit more on what they’re about:

Pic: Utopian Bohemians (you can also follow them on Twitter).

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