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Unity Centre looks to surround Dungavel removal centre

Unity Centre looks to surround Dungavel removal centre

Migration rights organisers in Glasgow are looking to raise the last donations for a solidarity noise demonstration  at Dungavel Immigration Removal Centre on November 18th.

The Unity Centre, a consensus-organised collective, currently has enough money to pay for three coaches to drive the 30 miles out of town to Dungavel but is looking for supprt to hire a third – allowing them to bring enough people to encircle the rural site.

The demonstration is being held in concert with a Surround Yarl’s Wood protest in the south of England, to demand an end to detention centres, borders and migration controls.

In a statement organisers said:

We want to ensure that those with experience of the immigration system are able to come, by covering their travel expenses. Your donations will buy bus tickets for those who are unable to pay.

The more voices we have, the louder and clearer our message will be. Show your solidarity! Please help us get there!

Why now?

In September 2016, the Home Office made a pledge to close Dungavel. They backtracked on this commitment after campaigners obstructed their proposal for a new fast track removals prison at the Airport.

On September 19th a man detained in Dungavel died. The centre has failed to disclose how he died and we are calling for a full investigation. There have been three deaths in UK immigration prisons in the last month alone, and 43 deaths since 2000.

Now is the time for a clear message:


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