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DSEI arms fair struggles as peace protesters disruption enters fourth day

DSEI arms fair struggles as peace protesters disruption enters fourth day

Massive posters, Tube adverts and infiltration kicked off day four of the campaign against the DSEI weapons trade fair in London today following three days of direct actions and lock-ons which have held up goods from being transported and disrupted the business of flogging guns to killers.

The wide array of subvertising and undercover shots from the bomb jamboree — including a Union Jack tank up for sale to enthusiastic warmongers — comes after two days of intense direct action from peace groups, including lock-ons and protests which have seen dozens of people arrested so far around the ExCeL Centre, where the fair is taking place. The Peace Pledge Union said today:

Anyone who thinks pacifism is passive should note the number of pacifists, and other peace campaigners, arrested at Stop DSEI this week. We’re hearing 57 people arrested so far.

Photographer Peter Marshall has been out and about over the last few days and kindly made some of his shots free for use by non-commercial groups.

Peter writes: Stop the Arms fair protesters carried out a series of lengthy lock-ins on the roads at both East and West gates blocking access to London’s ExCeL centre where preparations are being made for the worlds’s largest arms fair, DSEI, the Defence & Security Equipment International, backed by the UK government where arms companies and arms dealers sell weapons to countries around the world including many repressive regimes.

The previous show two years ago featured numerous weapons prohibited under international laws. Today’s protest theme was ‘Arms to Renewables — No to Nuclear’ an there was music, singing, dancing, a free ‘bring and share’ picnic and a short theatrical performance urging that instead of arms industry and huge spending Trident and on wars we should rather provide jobs in renewable energy technologies and spend the military budget on homes, schools, health and other social benefits.

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