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Posters go up as DSEi arms fair nears

As the September 4th start date of DSEI, the world’s biggest arms fair, edges closer, early actions to draw attention to protests against the annual gathering of the merchants of death have begun to filter in.

Posters have been put up around London by activists using the increasingly popular method of hijacked bus hoardings this week, and have been charting some of their efforts via the Protest Stencil handle on Twitter. Some of the sites targeted include Broadway Market in Hackney, Canning Town and Upton Park in Newham — and particularly cheekily, right outside the ExCeL centre on Royal Victoria Dock, where the big bombs bash is to be held.

Stop The Arms Fair is updating regularly on social media in advance of the event, and has been putting up useful tips such as on knowing your rights on its website. A full schedule of events has also been published of what’s going on during the week (see below).

September 4th-10th
All day
Occupy the Arms Fair! Stop DSEI campt
ExCeL east entrance, London
Monday September 4th
All day
Stop Arming Israel! Stop The Arms Fair!
ExCeL east entrance, London
Tuesday September 5th
No Faith in War
ExCeL east entrance, London
Wednesday September 6th
All day
No to Nuclear Weapons: No to the Arms Fair
ExCeL Centre, London
10am-6pmArms to Renewables
ExCeL east entrance, London
Thursday September 7th
All day
Free Movement for People, not Weapons!
ExCeL east entrance, London
Friday September 8th
Conference at the Gates: Academics Against the Arms Fair
ExCeL Centre, London
10am-2pmSuper-Villains Picket the Arms Fair
ExCeL Centre, London
Saturday September 9th
Art the Arms Fair at the Big Day of Action
ExCeL east entrance, London
10am-6pmBig Day of Action
East Entrance, Victoria Dock Road

Warton Airbase Two heading to court

On a linked note, anti-war activists Sam Walton and Reverend Daniel Woodhouse are set to head to court on October 4th for their action trying to take down a warplane which was bound for use in Saudi Arabia, currently in the midst of a horrifying imperial war of attrition in Yemen.

They are currently crowdfunding to try and get the best outcome for their trial, where they will be accused of criminal damage for their actions in breaking onto BAE System’s Warton Airbase to try and disarm a Typhoon aircraft. They will argue their actions were to prevent a greater crime against humanity, but are currently relying on entirely pro-bono work which has hampered their legal team’s efforts.

Walton and Woodhouse said:

We are scheduled for a four-day trial. But it will not be us on trial. BAE Systems and our government’s complicity in war crimes in Yemen will be under the microscope and in the news. They desperately want this to go away, so we are going to make as much noise as possible.

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