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Disastrous showing for National Front in Grantham

Barely two dozen people made it out for a showing of the National Front today, as the far-right party continues to languish at the very bottom of the political pile drawing a combination of oddball skinheads, confederate flag wavers and the sort of younger presence that would face a public mocking by conservative youth for being a bit too dweeby.

Anti-fascists massively outnumbered NF goons in Grantham, near Nottingham, and there were briefly clashes before a heavy-handed police operation stepped in.

The group has held two marches in recent months, previously trying a showing in Rochdale, but has repeatedly failed to find traction since its 2010 heyday, which saw around 2,000 people in the town vote for the NF candidate. By 2015 their vote had dropped to 433, and this year ran no candidates at all.

Meanwhile the EDL, which has itself seen a precipitous falling off of interest as a national banner until very recently, is looking to head back to what it sees as its heartland, calling rallies in Bradford and Keighley on September 2nd — though interest has been muted thus far.

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